This is what it's all about.

«The Legend of the White Ibex» is a narrative short film, with a strong cinematic cut in a poetic-philosophical genre that compares the human soul with the forces of the universe, in the awareness of the indispensable necessity of the man-nature union. The protagonist grasps the possibility of getting out of his personal situation strongly compromised and reborn rejoining with his own ancestral feelings.

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My project is special because ...

«The Legend of the White Ibex» is a project that wants to be shared with its supporters since the beginning of the projecting phase, commenting on the work in progress and the curiosity of the work with regular newsletter sent to members of the mailing list. Even an own Internet and Facebook page will regularly update the entire web and social community on the developments of this work. It will be shot entirely in Ticino, from Chiasso to Mendrisio up to Monte Generoso, continuing between Lugano, Locarno and Val Bavona up to the Basodino glacier to be presented, at completed work, at national and international festivals and distributed on DVD.

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This is what I need backing for.

«The Legend of the White Ibex» requires a minimal cast of 4 actors, 6 background actors and a crew of at least 14 professional figures where a person can perform several roles depending on the financial resources collected. Your contribution serves, in addition to collecting the financial base to cover the minimum production costs, also to obtain additional funding from public agencies and privates, confirmed over the wide interest in the project by its supporters.