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5 musicians from Austria travel to Colombia for three weeks to get in touch with local musicians and music lovers via concerts, workshops and masterclasses.

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Concluded on 18/11/2018

Austria & Colombia - A musical exchange

«The Mirabell Project» - We are five young enthusiastic musicians of different nationalities, who have all been living and working in Salzburg for many years. Together with the young artist agency polaris artists it is our goal to connect the Austrian/European Classical Music Scene better with the culturally not-so-well connected regions in South America.

Every year we plan on travelling to a different country in South America and give concerts (also together with local musicians), masterclasses, workshops, concerts for childern, etc. to bring our countries closer together through music and help to create a better understanding of each others cultures and mentalities.

Our first tour will take us to the capital but also the countryside of Colombia - where international artists usually don’t travel to due to difficult transporation and the lack of big concert halls). The tour will take place for approx. 3 weeks in February 2019. There will be concerts (free entry or very low ticket prices) - also with local musicians, soloists and orchestras - workshops, masterclasses (in cooperation with local universities and music schools) and interactive concerts for children.

The Fundación ANANDA in Bucaramanga in Colombia supports us a lot and helps us with the organizsation of all those activities in Colombia. With their help, approx. 14 days of this tour are already filled with various musical activities. We are also in touch with some other presenters in the country to fill the rest of the 3 weeks. South America plans very short-notice, as we know, therefore we won’t have a fixed plan until the end of the year.

For tours in the upcoming years we are already in contact with presenters from Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Intercultural exchange - five musicians, five nationalities

Our ensemble consists of five young professional musicians with five different nationalities, all graduates of the Mozarteum Salzburg University. Besides our regular individual concert activities in Austria and abroad, it is our aim to bring the European Classical Music scene to those culturally no-so-well connected regions, therefore we started this longterm project.

This is what we need backing for.

The project is not set out to be a profit-making job. The main purpose is to bring people closer together through music and with that also help to create a better and more profound understanding of our different cultures and mentalities. The costs for transportation for this tour need to be covered though, we therefore hope for your financial support for our flight tickets from Austria to Colombia and back.