A bi-lingual children’s book about a little gnome, the first of it’s kind, arriving on Earth. Will the Little Cloak find where it belongs?

A glowing adventure in the sky, on land & under water.

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Concluded on 19/1/2019

The Only Lonely Cloak: The Story

The Only Lonely Cloak: Story

An unexpected crash-landing: a seed with a tiny little gnome inside. Kobi, the first little Cloak to arrive on Earth, must find where it belongs. It must face the terrible Cloud Dragon along the way. Join Kobi in the skies, underwater and through the Great Light Festival to find courage, light and home.

The Only Lonely Cloak: Conception, Collaboration, Printing

The Only Lonely Cloak: The Book

«The Only Lonely Cloak» is a bilingual (en/fr) children’s book created by Sarah De Latte over the past four years. It is a giant undertaking being about 150 pages long. One could say it is three books in one!

The art style is something Sarah made up herself, combining inks, liquid watercolors, painted collage papers, tissue papers, colored pencils, ink and last but not least Photoshop.

The time she spent in Japan has influenced the imagery in this book and her love of all things that glow in the dark has sustained her on this incredible illustrative journey.

The text was written after the images and was created with just as much love and excitement. Each image has a rhyme (or near-rhyme) both in English and in French.

The Only Lonely Cloak: Collaboration

This project has been a collaborative effort, the trailer being the work of both Sarah and Japanese animator Hikari Okawara.

The Only Lonely Cloak: Printing

This children’s book will be printed in Geneva, Switzerland, by a printer named Moleson. It will be printed using Switzerland’s very first water-based ink and digital printing press. This means that the books will be completely ecological - no chemicals used printing it. The paper will literally be injected with water & ink.

Another bonus to this particular printing press is that no paper goes to waste unlike the alternative offset printing.

The Only Lonely Cloak: You Guys!

So, if you donate to this project, what are you funding?

  • A heartwarming story about overcoming fear and finding a home.
  • Over 150 pages of beautiful, bright, hand-crafted illustrations.
  • Bilingual poetry (en/fr) accompanying each image.
  • Water based printing, ecological and zero waste.