Support the release of the first album by the Peaceful Warriors, a group led by Vevey singer from Manchester, Mark Kelly

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What it's all about

The «Peaceful Warriors» are formed thanks to a founding residence in November 2020, at the Casino de Saxon (VS). However, many of the members of the group have already collaborated for a long time during the past decade. Trombonist, Tony Leggett is asked by Mark Kelly to record the title «Oh my God» in 2009. An unfailing partnership is initiated. Tony contributes to the albums «I am who I am» (2016) & «Swimming with sharks» (2019), and tours extensively with Mark. His talents as a poly-instrumentalist (tuba, flugelhorn, percussion, etc.) allow us to consider all formats, from duo to band. It was during «Fat rock sessions» that Michaël Dervey & Mark Kelly met musically, from 2013. Drummer & percussionist, Mick also willingly tackles jams with his calabash; a color that they will choose for their collaboration on stage from 2018. Double bass player, Marine Le Mouël is asked by Mark Kelly for the album «I am who I am», which they will release in 2016. They tour for 3 years in quintet , foaming at festivals in French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland and in France (Paléo-festival 2017, MaMA festival 2017 in particular). The band was awarded Best Act Romandie at the 2017 Swiss Music Awards. Percussionist Robins Azonnoudo joined the ranks in 2018 for a live performance at the Earth Festival (Lausanne). He is supposed to replace Mick, but chance brings the two percussionists together on stage: a remarkable duo is born here. A sixth member joined the group in March 2021 in the person of Leonard Persoz, guitarist with lunar and magical universes that Mark dreamed of associating with the project.

What is special about my project

This album is the result of the meeting of 6 musicians with the aim of arranging and recording an album based on the compositions of Mark Kelly who surrounded himself for this project with a team of artists and collaborators all involved in the process. in a spirit of sharing and kindness. Above all, the idea is based on good understanding, communication and the establishment of a close-knit team that moves together towards the creation of an album filled with love, hope and optimistic and altruistic messages.

What will your support be used for?

Finalization of production, post-production, mixing, mastering, pressing and marketing of the album

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