An early thank you present for an amazing start!Von James Choice & The Bad Decisions, am 9.12.2017 18:26


We’ve had a truly beautiful and hopeful start to our album Crowdfunding campaign, and we’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness and positivity we’ve felt from all our friends who’ve backed us so far. We’ve somehow managed to reach over 60% after 4 short days, which is far and beyond anything we could have hoped for. So, thank you SO MUCH for the help so far!

We’ve decided to thank all our backers even more by offering you a present of a free, advance download of the first single from our album, ’Small Talk’. You can get your copy by e-mailing us on and we’ll send you a download code.

Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to wrap up warm, let’s do this! Sebastian, Michael, Kathrin, Georg & Bernd x


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