The Swiss Skier Quartett

by Ruedi


We are creating a classic Quartett card Game with the most influential Freestyle and Freeride Skiers from the past years. Let the athletes in your hand battle against each other!

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The Swiss Skier Quartett 2018

Have your favorite skiers battle against each other!

The cards are separated into 10 different teams by 4 athletes and await you with interesting information about them. Choose from six categories to win over your opponents.

Legends against Newcomers

The cards consist the following categories:

  • Best Trick: Each Rider reveals hist best trick on skis. You are the judge. Struggling to decide which trick wins? Then just skip to the next round.
  • Comp Wins: number of competitions won by the athlete.
  • Street Cred: Who is king in the skiing scene?
  • Legend Status: Legendary athletes will have to opportunity to beat up the young rebels.
  • Last Call: Bed-going-time. Last call or first gondola? You choose if the one how goes to bed early or the one who takes the first ride directly from the party wins.
  • Skidays: The more days on skis, the better life is!

The athletes represented in the game are curated and judged (street cred, legend status) by a fine panel of experts.

We need your support!

To cover the production costs we need your support. Order now a set of cards to those favorable conditions and help us to realize the project. The game is limited to 1000 copies!

Delivery: February 2019