The Toby May

I’m Toby May a singer songwriter based in Geneva, Switzerland. It all started off in NYC, on a rooftop.

Fast forward a few years, having written over a hundred songs, had great air play support across Switzerland, contributed tracks to advertising campaigns and a string of gigs under my belt I am now ready to put these songs to tape and create a solo album.

I’ve selected the best songs, the best producers, studios and the best players around for this album. But at the end of the day that represents a lot of cash, for example a day at the studio costs about CHF 900 and that’s without an engineer or musicians (or food!), it goes fast.

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With your support

But I’ll need your help, there are so many ways you can get involved, something to suit every budget. The money you donate will be used to pay for a part of the recording process, allowing my songs to have the best start possible.

With Wemakeit, we can make it happen together.

As an «amuse bouche» here is the first song and video Super8, co-written by Richard Spooner et produced by Lee Russel at Dulcitone Studios, UK.

Thank you!