The Van of all Vans.

by Marc Huber


I bought an old VW T4. Now help me to build THE van of all vans! The more supporters I can find now, the cooler the van will be, the more fun we all will have. PRE-BOOK YOUR OWN ADVENTURE NOW!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 18/7/2021


Hello! My name is Marc. I’m 42 years old, father, wine & pizza lover, gadget freak, design enthusiast, problem solver, risk taker. And founder of @rent_my_van (follow me on IG!) while seeking my next professional challenge.

Being without a job for a while now, I’m fed up with binge watching all day long. So I looked for a new project and bought a van, more precisely a former Swiss army ambulance. The Volkswagen T4 2.5 Syncro from 2000 is in near mint condition with only little more than 30’000 kilometers with all service intervals observed and no rust at all. The siren is still working but has to be taken of due to regulations. As an homage I call my van «La Sirène».

Within the next couple of weeks - or maybe months - my van will be completely overhauled. There are already countless camper vans out there, many DIY conversions, many off the hook. But there will only be one like mine. It shall become THE van of all vans, a truly extraordinary off-road camper.

I bought the van and will do all the work. Well, together with my dad, who dreamed of having a motorhome himself all his life. Now I’m letting him take part in the fun too.

Still, I need your help here.

A van with all convenience and gadgets you can think of would overuse my budget by far. And since I do not plan to live in it for more than couple of weeks and weekends, I want to share my van with you.

Less scrolling, more living - for all of us!

  • First things first: Get rid of the camouflage.
    First things first: Get rid of the camouflage.
  • Romantic evenings send their regards.
    Romantic evenings send their regards.
  • Parking is only temporary.
    Parking is only temporary.
  • A camper's interior is obviously most relevant.
    A camper's interior is obviously most relevant.
  • WOW!


The more supporters I can find now, the cooler the van will be, the more fun we all will have. I promise that ALL the money raised will be invested in converting and equipping the van - not paying my own working hours or the van itself.

Vehicle details according to my wish list:

  • Volkswagen T4 2.5 Syncro (2000), 115 hp
  • New two-tone paint job so that it will look even better than a brand new T6.1!
  • All-wheel drive, differential lock, raised body and equipped with all-terrain wheels for adventures off-the-beaten-track
  • 4 rotating single seats and 4 sleeping places
  • Heimplanet roof top tent, inflated within minutes for breathtaking sunsets and sunrises
  • Tentsile tree tent for additional joy and freedom (You’ll love it!)
  • Solar panels on the roof that give you enough power for the induction cooker, keep the fridge cool for days or let you even blow dry your hair
  • Specific off-road equipment such as sand boards, shovel, canister, winch
  • Parking heater to keep it cozy even during cold winter nights
  • Outdoor shower and portable toilet (Yuck!)
  • Bike rack for 3 bikes
  • Wall-mounted iPad to control sound and light or to stream an episode of Bear Grylls’ «Running Wild»
  • Camping chairs and table, solar lamp, grill
  • Tarp that keeps you sheltered from the rain or shaded from the sun

And all those who know me well enough can assure:

  • There will be a lot more features coming to my mind once I start building.
  • I am a design enthusiast who strives for perfection. So don’t worry about the quality of workmanship.
Sorry, already busy drawing my interior - so no time for a proper Photoshop job.
Sorry, already busy drawing my interior - so no time for a proper Photoshop job.


Support me in the built of the van and choose your preferred travel dates before everyone else! You benefit from unrivaled low prices with no hidden costs and unlimited kilometers on top. Dream now, travel later.

Note: In future, after this crowdfunding campaign, the van can be rented for a limited time each year so it will stay nice and tidy for many years to come. This is why slots are the most sought after. Daily rates start at CHF 150 per night, including 250 km (restriction valid for all regular bookings from 2022; additional kilometers CHF 0.70) - with a minimum rental period of three nights or full weeks in high season mid-July to mid-October. While demand increases during school holidays and public holidays, prices will adjust accordingly.

A good mood for what to dream of ...
A good mood for what to dream of ...