For History

The View Electrical emerged from the meeting of two music lovers: Frédéric Aellen (ex Sonograph) and Raul Bortolotti (Kruger, No Sun In San Francisco).

We started to work together in fall 2012, besides misc activities, carefully crafting some demos which quickly became the core of «Roseland».

Since the very first note, we focused on trying something different than the standard rock album, mixing every influence that has shaped us along the way. Thus «Roseland» is the perfect crossover of various genres like folk, hip hop, ambient, metal, new wave, original soundtracks and nineties indie rock.

Ok, great but why do you need my cash?

In order to make things as meaningful as we can, we would like to put out a beautiful well-crafted record. So this is precisely for this last step that we need your help.

So far, we’ve taken great care of every single detail (recording, mixing, artwork, etc.) and that already cost a lot of money. However, what costs even more is the production of the object itself. Vinyls are still pretty expensive to make. So if you preorder the record here, you'll definitely help us to cross the line to reach this dream that has made us fully alive for these past two years.

Lucky you ! By helping us via wemakeit, you get the album two weeks before its official release. Moreover, we also offer some exclusive limited items like guitar tabs books, homemade photo albums and other awesome goodies that will never be available somewhere else.

Last but not least...

«Roseland» is an ambitious project. Every song features a different line-up. Various instruments were used, from harp, classical piano, strings, vintage keyboards to acoustic and heavy metal guitars. The recording of «Roseland» was serious business: each session was pretty difficult to plan, according to busy schedules and each musician's location: Fribourg, Lausanne, La Sarraz, Vevey, Vuadens for Switzerland; Austin and Baltimore for the USA. The album was mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) in Stockholm. It's definitely more than a traditional first album, isn't it?

Among misc friends and musicians, we were fortunate to collaborate with incredible dudes from bands like AbrahamArchers And ArrowsCortezLe Grand MalIn The PinesPrometheeRorcal, Stereograph  and more.

The View Electrical is proud to join Hummus Records that will support the release of «Roseland» (March 2015).