The Woodgies' second album!

by The Woodgies


After releasing a first album that was well received by Swiss media, our duo «The Woodgies» is recording a second album. For this we need your support!

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«The Woodgies» : A successful start!

«Two sisters whose musical complicity will send you drifting to a world of harmony…»

Recently crowned winners of the Montreux Jazz Festival’s «Swiss Rising Talent» contest, the pop-folk duo known as «The Woodgies» has been generating a lot of interest in Swiss media. Their debut album «Holding Hands», consisting of eleven songs, was released on the 1st of October 2021.

The Woodgies are looking for funds to finance the recording of their second album.

Little did Hannah Leah & Meghan know when posting their first ever single also named « Holding Hands » on Youtube a few months back, that it would instantly grab the attention of the public and of those in the music business. Indeed, within just a few days of its release, they were signed by the Swiss label Escudero Records and now have approximately 2k broadcasts on radio playlists, multiple articles in the daily newspapers and over 100’000 streams on Spotify.

Having come to the attention of the Bernese artist Gölä (three gold records and twenty-three platinum records) «The Woodgies» have since collaborated on a single with him. Entitled «I’m Feeling The Love» the single will be released in May. Encouraged by this successful start, the two prolific sisters have already composed their second album!

It is in the well-renowned Balik Studio that the two sisters will record their second album with their musicians during 10 days :-)

The Woodgies intend to export their music internationally!

Who is behind «The Woodgies»?

Hannah Leah & Meghan are two down-to-earth & hard-working young women. They’ve got strong values which they try to convey through their music & way of working.

Authenticity & sincerity: The Woodgies work as a close-knit team with their producer to keep everything as sincere and authentic as possible. They compose & arrange their own songs and film their own video clips. The drawings for the first album were done by the sisters’ mother & the music was recorded by real musicians (as opposed to programmed sounds) as they believed that would illustrate their philosophy best.

Solidarity & sharing: The Woodgies have done multiple concerts for special communities & charity events. They also do their best to put forward & support other local businesses in Geneva. Most of their equipment comes from local shops (ACR / The Works, Carouge) & they have been collaborating with a clothing shop called« Kattard ». The band also supports the association « Rêves Suisse » which helps children and teenagers battling with illnesses or disabilities to fulfill their dream & find hope. They believe that however small their spotlight may be, it’s important to take the opportunity to do some good & to help others.

Tolerance, respect & justice: The Woodgies are very open-minded & consider it important to fight issues such as sexism, racism and any other form of hate. What preoccupies them the most is ecology. They have written multiple songs about the beauty of nature & how it is important protect it.

Why support us?

1: Our music is often described as «authentic», «soothing» and «full of freshness». It is appreciated by people of all ages and the lyrics written in English make it easily exportable internationally. 2: Our songs do not fit the standards of modern music and therefore will not have to compete in the saturated market of highly produced urban pop music. Also, the current social situation and the general weariness towards today’s popular music means that there is a growing demand for more calm, peaceful and organic music like that of the Woodgies :-) 3 We have established a good strategy that has proven its effectiveness. Our new plan of action combined with our gained popularity over the previous year promises a fruitful future.