Book launch PartyBy markjmoser, on 20/3/2018 20:06


We did it! I warmly invite you to the book launch party on Sat 28 April 2018 from 2-4pm in the rooms of my friend Dr. Pascal Sieber (Schwanengasse 3 in Bern, 3 floor). You are most warmly invited! Thank you for your tremendous support. It’s been a huge privilege to do this. The book is now in print with BuchundNetz and will be out shortly.

Endorsement Dr. Manuela WälchliBy markjmoser, on 15/2/2018 11:09

«I choose to live, but more importantly, I want to be alive.—- I won’t settle for living at any cost and without a certain influence on the quality» - this sentence from «The Year» summarizes the essence of the book. What is the consequence thereof? Chal-lenging for me as occidental doctor and reformed Christian - neither university nor the church pew have been able to prepare for this line of thinking. Nonetheless, I am famil-iar with these statements, as I have been in constant contact with them for years now. In innumerable conversations with spiritually and physically suffering people I am faced with the essence of «The Year»: an open and honest quest to find a way that is endur-able in the face of a restricting starting point. Mark shares this quest with us in a very authentic way. I have the greatest of respect for this. I regard this book as a hugely beneficial read for us all and especially a must-read for those of us who are profes-sionally involved in medicine and theology. Dr. Manuela Wälchi

We made it! ... and on we goBy markjmoser, on 28/1/2018 09:41


We make it … we made it! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are thrilled that we got the money together to publish «The Year». The manuscript goes to S for proof-reading and then to Chris for layout.

The effective cost of writing and publishing «The Year» are much higher than CHF 2000 so additional funds that come in are much needed and of course dearly appreciated.

Next goals: If we raise another CHF 2000 I can cover other costs I have had and will have such as train tickets, proof-reading, and editing costs of about 2500.-.

And if we get really crazy and raise even more, then some of my cost or writing the book would be cover. Can we do that!? :)

Recommendation - Anthony KasoziBy markjmoser, on 24/1/2018 04:34

«I have read «The Year» in one sitting. I am lost for words, and yet full of feeling and expression. This has been a «pain-full» read that is also strangely hope-filled and uplifting. Through this intimate narrative I have lived Mark’s Year with him, and in doing so come closer to understanding his deepest experiences and also nearer to uncovering my own denied realities. Mark has lived with all kinds of pain - but has never been defined by them. His courage and care-full humanity shine through the distress and moments of despair he has endured. This book, like his life, is a testimony of hope in the face of difficulty and uncertainty. If our not-so-well-hidden quest is to live lives with love, hope and meaning, then this book, like Mark himself, is a loving, meaningful and hope building contribution to this ongoing essential endeavour.» Anthony Kasozi

Wow! By markjmoser, on 22/1/2018 12:08

Hey, what a response. I am overwhelmed and thankful! Thank you soo much!

The rewards for CHF 200 «Hero-Surprise» as soon taken. But: You can still get that reward even if it’s closed at 7 donors by donating 201 CHF :)

Be creative! Smile

PrologueBy markjmoser, on 20/1/2018 03:37

It’s 2 am and I am trying to sleep in room 425 of the YMCA hotel in Jerusalem. People are partying outside and the air coming in through the open window is crisp. I hear sirens and birds from my tiny, cold, somewhat shabby room.

We, my colleagues and I, are on a field and study trip as part of the studies on conflict analysis and transformation, offered by the university of Basel. Many of us have been studying together for several years and are now finishing a stimulating process with this tour of Israel, before completing our MAS course.