Enable the new album by The bianca Story – free for all! Be a digger!

Through crowdfunding we want to enable our music to be FREE FOR ALL!

Together with you, we try to break a hole into the hardened rock of the music industry. On the other side of the mountain, a land where the music is free awaits us. So we are the tunnelers, the diggers. Are you with us?

Once the tunnel is built, everyone can pass. Therefore we build on a common solidarity everybody will benefit from. Crowdfunding à la The bianca Story: The crowd is gathering for the crowd, we are gathering with everyone for everyone.

Don’t let us be left in the dark. Because everyone will benefit from our tunnel. And this is how it goes:

Everyone who supports our campaign gets the opportunity – if our crowdfunding is succesful – to get the new album before its release, signed in an extraordinary shape and with a «digger» medal. Of course everyone is then allowed to copy our music and spread it everywhere.

This is also what we do: Our album will be on our website www.thebiancastory.com as a free download and there you can also purchase the CD at marginal cost (pressing, GEMA / SUISA fees, shipping). In addition, everyone who comes to one of our shows of our upcoming tour will get a CD for free. We promise!

To free the music, we make our costs transparent: production, manufacturing, distribution, promotion, the amount which our record company Motor Entertainment will get, as well as our own wages – everything will be published. Once we have reached the 90.000 EUR, we will waive any further gains from sales.

With the planned 3000 EUR for our work in the recordings, we feel fairly rewarded as band-members. We stand for a society in which everyone has something but not too much and in which everyone can live self-responsibly from his own work. We stand for real wages for real work. We do not participate in the current perversion of the actual payment and the constant pursuit of profit maximization in a global market that has completely run out of control. We don’t record our new album in order to achieve the maximum profit, instead we want to dare a big experiment with all of you.

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The mountain is strong, very strong. The mountain is high, very high. We dig a 90,000-meter tunnel in there! Each meter is 1 euro! If you can help us break a hole into it, our music will be available for free worldwide. We have to pass 90,000 meters of stone. Are you a digger?

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The bianca Story