Standing for children

Ever since the Corona pandemic hit the poor districts of major Turkish cities with full force, we have received daily requests for help in Switzerland. We have therefore put together a small package that we can implement immediately together with members and staff of the Başak Foundation in Istanbul.

We want to help and are counting on your support!

Our project is primarily aimed at children and young people from impoverished families who have not been allowed to leave their homes for over two months because of Covid-19. The families are too poor to provide the children with computers or tablets and internet access, which would allow them to participate in the already minimal distance education provided by the state. As a result, the children lose touch with the school curriculum and are unsettled beyond measure. Will they ever be able to go to school again, play outside and meet their friends?

Because the parents are also suffering from the effects of the pandemic – loss of even the most precarious jobs and difficulty to provide for the family – conflicts break out in the small, often overcrowded spaces where families live, which too often lead to situations of child abuse and maltreatment.

Children need protection, let us stand for them.

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What is special about our project

On the one hand, the on-site visit enables the professionally trained staff to maintain essential contact with the children. On the other hand, it offers the opportunity to establish a dialogue with the main reference person, in many cases the mother. With a deep understanding of the particular context in which theses mothers find themselves during this very challenging situation, the educator addresses the distress and suffering of the children and the feeling of discouragement experienced by many young people who are becoming increasingly withdrawn, while advising them on strategies to avoid domestic violence. Providing support to the family means helping the children.

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How your contribution will be used

Our project is aiming at providing rented vehicles so that the staff can visit the children in their homes and provide them with: prepared lessons, school supplies, handicraft materials and age-appropriate books so that the children can pursue meaningful activities. food. We know from many families that they struggle for bare survival. hygiene kits, consisting of products for personal hygiene and for taking protective measures, including instructions on how to use them.

We thank you for your support!

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