A Baby Grand for Malcolm Braff

What’s a Baby Grand? It’s what Malcolm Braff needs to make our jaws drop when he plays his solo concert on april 13th at the -tis Jazz Fest 2019: A «small» Grand Piano. To get that, we’ll need your help!


My project is special because ...

Basel has a vibrant jazz scene: the Offbeat Jazz Festival features musicians of international reputation while some of them even teach regularly at Jazzcampus Basel. One might forget that Basel offers a pool of great musicians in contemporary jazz related music itself. These musicians and bands will be showcased at the first edition of -tis Jazz Fest.

This is what I need backing for.

Stoffler Musik Basel was so kind to reserve the Baby Grand for us, yet we need your support to be able to finance it. Become our VIP and enjoy Malcolm tearing up the black beast!