Tom Swift 2nd Album

by Tom Swift


Tom Swift goes Retro!!! On his second album the time machine takes him back to the 70ies. Purest Reggae, Soul, Funk!!!

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Successfully concluded on 18/8/2012

After invading the the Swiss audience with my loops as the Groove Professor and his LOOPOMATIC GROOVE CIRCULATOR in 2010, I’m now focusing on the vintage Reggae, Soul, Funk band sound of the 70ies. With the help of Philip Setzepfand (Speakers Corner Studios), producer, engineer and guitarist as well as Eric Gut (The Scrucialists) as producer and drummer.

Most of the songs are written and the recordings are in full swing. The whole project is an independent production with no label involved, that’s why I need your help to finance my second album.

To Do List!!!

All the songs need to be finished and recorded. End of June we’re doing a photo and video shooting with Pascal Brun and Mats Willi, also known as, who will also help me with creating my own website. Then I want to try and find some sort of distribution and advertising firm to help me with the promo. And my biggest dream a tour through England with my friends The Swelltones needs to be organised.

How can you help me?

First of all I need you to come down to the studio and help me record handclaps and chorus shouts for my song «I can’t be bothered» (see video). And secondly I need you to show me your support at my album release party end of this year. As a thank you present for your support I will reveal the secret of my LOOPOMATIC GROOVE CIRCULATOR at a loopstation workshop. Or I will write a song for you or a special occasion. Or I will play a live gig for you solo or with The Swelltones.