«There have been others like you,» he said. «Just a few. Most went insane, others disappeared. And the few that pulled through...well, we made sure that history forgot what they truly were.»

’’Caitlynn’’ is a collection of short stories and novellas all featuring an earl’s daughter who has to overcome dangerous obstacles as well as to make painful sacrifices in order to pursue her true calling. At the beginning, thirteen-year-old Caitlynn is a bit shy an and insecure, willing to swallow her doubts to please her abusive father. In the final book of the series Caitlynn is twenty-three years old, more self-assured and sometimes even bold. Kind-hearted, quick-witted and fiercely determined to protect those she loves, Caitlynn is ready to face the biggest challenge of her life.

The Kingdom of Ibyadar is a place I loved building and shaping. If you look at the Chronology (https://www.angelikadiem.at/app/download/7122411551/chronology.jpg?t=1543083630), you can see some of its past as well as the issues it is going to face throughout the series. In Ibyadar, you’ll come across unique creatures, iconic landscapes, dark secrets, and very special magic powers.

«Caitlynn» is the first volume of a book series full of wonders and surprises. The books feature a historic setting, traces of dystopian fantasy, family secrets, even murder mysteries, and a bit of «House, M.D»,… . The series shows as many facets as life itself. It is up to you to discover them all.

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I want to get Caitlynn translated into American English because

there is the #metoo movement in the U.S., and books like «Vox» and «Dumplin’» were translated and published in Germany.

At the same time there are so many young adult fantasy novels featuring a female lead character who seems to be strong at first, but the moment a hunk takes the stage, her brain seems to turn into mush. Being a strong heroine means more than just being able to choose between two handsome guys.

That’s why I want to share Caitlynn’s story with fantasy readers all across the world, share her tale about a self-aware woman who stands up to stereotypes and male dominance. The time is ripe for female lead characters who want to shape their own future without relying on a male hero to rescue a «damsel in distress.»

Visit my website (and scroll down a bit) to read why my German readers love the book: https://www.angelikadiem.at/towers-of-ibyadar/

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This is what I need backing for.

The translation:

Who’s doing the translation?

Literary translator Rebecca Heier. Check her out here (https://www.no-mans-land.org/rebecca-heier/). I am so happy to have found her!

The artworks (map, cover license, picture for the mousepads)

The maps have already been drawn by Marina Nowak. If you want to see more of Martina Nowak’s work, here’s the link: https://martinanowak.de/ She’s fantastic, isn’t she?

The mousepads are ready for order; the artwork has been done by the cover artist of the books, Katharina Brand. Check out her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KassarysArt/ for more of her stunning illustrations.

The editing, layout, print, distribution and marketing

Your risks are very low. The books have been selling well in their German edition, and the translation to English will be available in a few months. In case an US based publisher cannot be found, the German publisher will see to the editing and printing of the books.

Stretch goals: If I can collect more than 9000 Euro, there will be a second short story for you all in English and German. It will be a background story featuring the current Grand Master of the Black Tower, Diacant. It will tell about one of the dark events of the past that has shaped the current policy of the Black Tower.

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