This is what it's all about.

A majority of the inhabitants of Rheinau want to test the Unconditional Basic Income with us. We want to carry out this experiment independently from the government or any political party. That’s why we need your help to make the experiment happen in 2019!

We need 6.2 million Swiss Francs! It’s an enormous amount of money.

Why so much? The sum is based on a projection of the required basic income for the 770 participants for one year. Furthermore we want to pay the basic income at the beginning of the month - as it would be the case in reality. That’s the reason why the amount is so high. By the way: The work done by the project team is voluntary and thus not budget-relevant. At the end of the trial we’ll most likely have money left. We plan to make suggestions to all investors, what should happen to that sum. In the end the majority decides where the money will go.

The level of basic income is graded by age in our attempt. On our [website] ( you will find exact information on who receives how much, and who has to return how much. Important: Half of the inhabitants of Rheinau earn more then 2500 Swiss Francs. they will therefore return their basic income at the end of the month. Who benefits financially from the experiment? These are mainly families, children, adolescents and retired people. The basic income is unconditional in our trial. The participants can do whatever they want with it.

Let us find answers as to how we want to live together in the future. Together.

By the way: Donations to the project «Village tests Future» are tax-deductible as donations.

What’s special about our project?

  • Our focus is on how the Unconditional Basic Income affects an existing community and the people in it.
  • It is a private, voluntary initiative of citizens: from citizens – for citizens.
  • We are designing the project in close collaboration with the local council and the villagers.
  • All scientific findings during the experiment will contribute to the worldwide debate about the Unconditional Basic Income.
  • The project will be recorded in detail by a film team.
  • «Village tests future» is a pioneering project, which we hope will inspire others.

The inhabitants of Rheinau and the team behind the project «Village tests future» are on a pioneering journey. Would you like to come along with us?

In this project, everyone can contribute and actively change our reality!

Through this project, we are setting a milestone in the worldwide discussion about the basic income.

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the project needs you

We want this community project to be funded be a community. It’s independent from the government and any political party. This experiment will not access tax money or be funded from big organisations.

For us it’s important that the funding for this project comes from a wide range of people. We want to create a community of people actively interested and investing in this test of our future.

Be part of this community.

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