Train and empower women!

by vvliv


Women's only online skill training platform designed to bridge the gap between women seeking employment and companies looking for skilled employees. We train, you hire; Creating a gender-equal world.


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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 21/6/2019

VVliv- In women, we believe!

objective is to develop an online platform to provide free of cost skill training on Sales, Communication and IT skills to women willing to learn and earn a livelihood for themselves. We also assure 100 percent employment on successful completion of the course. By doing this, we will be providing companies with efficient employees in a time bound manner.

My project is special because ...

It’s a women-only platform. We are trying to make an ecosystem to empower women financially and socially thereafter. It’s one of a kind project where we impart skills to women free of cost and thereon assure them with guaranteed employment. We collaborate with companies looking for skilled employees and provide them with recruitment and training service at the cost of women. Thus, we address two customers: one is a company and others are the women. We have started our social media campaign under the name of REALSHEPOWER to raise awareness and unison on women empowerment. We urge you to check our page on Instagram and Facebook.

This is what I need backing for

The fund will be used by us for developing our online platform for women empowerment. Other than web development, we will be spending on marketing, course designing, and video recording. Web development will cost around 20,000 euros with 5,250 euros as Domain name fee, 40 euros as annual fee of the domain name, 20 euros per month for the server. In addition, VVliv has to pay for the front end and back end development of the site to two people working on it, at the time of completion. Since course designing and video recording is done with the help and guidance of experts in the respective field there is a fee of 5000 euros to be paid. Video Recording will cost 7,000 euros for two cameras and a place to record.

If we exceed our goal we would like to use that money to kickstart with intensive marketing. You can find us on instagram and facebook under the name of Realshepower. We have started with our social media presence to make people aware about women empowerment and bring them together under one umbrella. However, this is just a beginning and to see our project in reality we would have to invest on the field, among women who are willing to give their time to learn a new skill and among companies who want to go against the norms and hire more women based on merit.

We urge you not to be CONFUSED! We have two customers, one is company whose hiring and training burden we address, and second customer are women, to whom we don’t charge anything, but provide with skills and employment opportunity. Our objective is to empower woman financially and socially, and by doing so solve the pain of companies who take long hours, spend lot of money in hiring and training an employee. We are bridging the gap of skills, matching the demand and supply of skills by making women as the forerunners for it because as we said earlier in women, we believe!

Please be a part of this journey, a change for you and me, a change for the world we live in.