Transcription of an error is a very personal way of combining music and theatre. The staging of this new austrian-italian-russian version will take place in Moscow at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre.

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To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow!

Transcription of an error is a very personal way of combining music and theatre. We are experimenting and investigating a new territory and our ambition is to create a new vocabulary, a new way of thinking theatre. On this particular occasion, we are thrilled to stage the piece in the prestigious space of the «Stanislawsky Electrotheatre». The piece has to be composed from scratch every time it gets performed, due to a new team and a different cultural and linguistical situation.

We make mistakes and we take joy in them. This is our Material!

In Transcription of an error an acoustic and theatrical atmosphere is created that comes SO deceptively close to reality, that you might think it IS the reality which you are mistaking for a musical piece, except that you are aware that you are wrong. A musical transcription of reality is taking place, which is a different transcription of reality, which is another transcription in itself. Reality (in a theatrical context) is a mistake. A constructed mistake. A transcribed mistake… a transcription of a mistake.

In this theatrical illusion we continuously stumble upon accurately notated mistakes, so we can never be sure if they are intentional or not. It’s only that we know they ARE. The whole piece could be described as an «investigation into the moment of ’now’»: there are no fictional characters, nor is there a story; instead the awareness of the audience is brought to the NOW, to the time and space we share.

Budget Details:

The Budget is going to be divided into 3 sections:

  • Fees for the actors and the the creative team.
  • Travel expenses and accommodation Our team comes from many different cities (Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Oslo, Milan and München).
  • Costs for materials and special equipment