In the inFlux&Lerchmüller production three dancers and four musicians are interacting live at eye level. Still, we are missing a part of the financial support to cover all the costs. We need your help!

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TRIGGER – in tension between release and omit

Three dancers, four musicians and a game master impulsively interact with each other during a game full of tension, conflict, and moments of clarity. inFlux & Lerchmüller create a performance transcending boundaries: cocky, delicate, and unexpected.

What is the music and dance performance about?

Life is a game – so is TRIGGER. But who decides the rules of the game? The game master of course! Through the creative use of multi-colored billiard balls, the game master leads the audience with skill and subtlety through a complex world ruled by impulses, which in time transforms relationships in surprising ways, releasing a volatile mixture of energy, confusion, and delight. For at its essence, life is a game of impulses.

During the performance of TRIGGER, diverse musical ideas and dance gestures are presented in an unpredictable sequence creating a collage-like experience. Enhanced with sounds of everyday life gestures and narrative scenes are contrasted with abstract choreographic and musical compositions.

What was at the origine of the performance?

Mundane situations are characterized as familiar; they are regarded as predictable and manageable and thus give us a welcomed feeling of safety. inFlux & Lerchmüller extend this sense of the ordinary into the realm of the bizarre so as to draw them into relationship to each other and reveal to the audience potent associations that call forth their own stories and dreams.

Who stands behind the project?

Artistic directors Lucía Baumgartner and Isabel Lerchmüller have collaborated since 2003, combining their talents as choreographer and musician as well as to their respective opposite discipline, for which both have a mutual affinity. Thanks to this inspiring collaboration this transformative artistic work emerged.

On stage there are eight artists to see and hear: Maja Brönnimann, Jonas Furrer, Gian Joray, Theo Känzig, Isabel Lerchmüller, Maru Rieben, Tekeal Riley, Mia Schultz.

The project is supported by: Dampfzentrale Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern, SWISSLOS Kultur Kanton Bern, SIS Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, BEKB/BCBE.

What is our motivation?

inFlux & Lerchmüller consider it a challenge to expose themselves to the question: «How can we draw closer to each other, challenge one another with our disciplines and at the same time be as independent as possible, though still dependent on one another?»

What is special about TRIGGER?

Music and dance interact live on stage, they play and move against each other, but after all they fuse together. A choreographer and a musician create a commun performance for eight protagonists. Directly inspired by the every-day life but still full of surprises…

Why do we need your support?

We want everybody involved to be well-paid – the musicians, dancers, the light designer, the costume designer, the graphic designer and composer. We also have various costs refering to stage props, rehearsal space rent and advertisement.

When and where can you experience TRIGGER on stage?

At Dampfzentrale Bern:

  • April 23rd 2015, 8pm Premiere
  • April 24th 2015, 10am Perfomance for school classes
  • April 25th 2015, 8pm Performance

At Neubad Lucerne:

  • September 10th 2015, 8pm
  • September 11th 2015, 8pm

Further performances to be confirmed.

One last point:

TRIGGER offers education and audience development workshops for school classes. The education and audience development workshops consist of performance-introduction-workshops for school classes. During these workshops the participants are exploring the interdisciplinary work and can play with the topic of TRIGGER. Isabel and Lucía are very experienced with dance in schools and performance-introduction-workshops for and with children/teenagers.