Triptonus Album Production

by Fabian


Support the production of our third record «Soundless Voice»!
With your help it will be released on Vinyl, CD und digital in april 2020!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 9/1/2020

Who we are...

Triptonus is a collective founded by six musicians in 2012, in Vienna /Austria. In addition to the standard line up of drums, bass, and two guitars, there are also a Djembe, Didgeridoo, wavedrum and sampler contributing to an instrumental mixture of psychedelic/progrock and worldmusic.

We had the pleasure to already play at many international festivals and to share the stage with some of our favourite bands like Elder, Rotor, Monkey3, Stoned Jesus and many more.

So far we released two records («Sprout», 2013 und «Triptonus» 2015) – now it´s time for a third one.

Since the release of our last record...

… time has passed. That was caused mainly the intense process of writing those new songs.

Due to the abstinence of vocals in our music we put even more effort into the elaboration of every individual songpart, the sequences and arrangements.

It is our utmost concern to integrate every instrument into an harmonic whole that will bring you the soundtrack to your own movie in your head.

Now we finally made it happen.

Let yourself sink into spherical depths, be carried by waves of a stormy sea to the beach of your own island…

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High quality has a price.

We recorded at the Audiomanufaktur-Studio ( with Florian Jauker) in Vienna, Krystian König mixed it in Salzburg and Alexander Vatagin will do the mastering at the famous Sunshine studios. With your support it will be released on vinyl, cd and digital - in April 2020

To cover all production costs (Studio, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork, Vinyls..) we need your support. You can pre-order the new album on vinyl/cd/digital, get yourself really cool merchandise or even one of our exclusive specials rewards…

Of course it´s also possible to just support us with a small or BIG donation :-)