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Dear Alex
Thank you for letting us know. I will ask wemakeit why the bank transfer was not possible.
Your account will be only debited when we have reached the goal of 5000 CHF.
By the way I keep receiving emails saying I havent paid for the funding by bank transfer, I could not make a bank transfer, because your bank account wasnt recognised by my uk bank, so I paid by bank card that same day, any chance you can sort this out as the emails are starting to become annoying. I have also contacted we make it, thankyou.
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We like your project - this is why we’ve added it to our «We Fancy» category! During the next couple of days, it will appear on the front page and also in the «Recommended» section.
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Dear Alex Jerman
Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us. There are various ways to work together. First of all, we would like to encourage Tibetans in UK to come up with their own film projects. Our short film competition is a good stepping stone for aspiring film enthusiasts.
Furthermore, we are happy to come up with ideas and concrete help to screen good Tibetan films. We have a recommendation list that we would like to share with our supporters.
I met the most amazing Tibetan people in Nepal about 20 years ago. I will always stand up for Tibet, and I would love to see your film festival in Manchester sometime soon. We have quite a few Tibetans here and I'm sure your project would be really well supported.