Community Film Project Berlin

Through the eyes of art, this film portrays delicate topics of our generation, which are affecting and manipulating us daily.
Our main goal is to create an outlook on different realities using visual effects, expression and self-humor in order to raise awareness of our generation’s conflicts. This compilation does not offer solutions or answers. It is a port ration, that we believe can open a respectful and harmless discussion concerning the broader topic. With multicultural creators, strong female energy and the focus on transparency we will touch upon the topic of reality shifting. We chose the «Truman show» as a motive- the creation of reality and further the manipulation of «truth» supported by an institution of power - we want to clear the windows and break down this milk glass.

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Our project is special because we want to enrich a growing multi-cultural community.

We love to invite you to take part in our community and follow us on this unusual and brave journey. Our mediums are film, music, imagination, and art which for us as creative souls is the best tool to find an original voice and visualize the vision.

Who are we? Actually, that’s exactly the question. Who are we and who can we become as a collective. In a world of individualism, everyone can be everything. The possibilities are endless, but so is the pressure put onto our generation. The beauty of humankind is that we each have our own vision, our own sensitivity. Constant and honest exchange is the only way to broaden our understanding of life and to look outside the box.

Peer (Lie Ning) is a queer mixed artist born in Berlin and on a quest to find their place in this world. Torn between their ancestral home in West Africa and their socialization as a german citizen, that is not always accepted as that, due to the color of their skin.

Mia is currently studying literature in Berlin. Over the last years, she worked as an assisting director on set and as an art curator. She’s been surrounded by creative work of film and literature throughout her life and is pursuing the goal to continue to work in these fields of interest in the future.

Victoria is doing her master in language and communication in Berlin. She is open-minded and interested in comparing interpersonal communication in the areas of social media, business, art, and society.

Avia is a self-taught musician who grew up barefoot in the Israeli desert. She always let the music tracks lead and decide for her. Her Yemeni and Moroccan roots have raised a lot of questions in and around her, What pushed her to look constantly for belonging and home cold Berlin, among all the colorful people, her voice became clearer and brighter.

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This is what we need backing for:

We are working with digital artists, choreographers, designers and more that are part of the emerging creative scene in Berlin and represent the inclusivity and the warmth of our new generation. We work with individuals whose voices haven’t yet been heard enough.

But we can’t do it alone - join us and help us with this special movie project. Help us in any way you can. Here we are looking for financial support for equipment, catering, and encouragement - whatever amount you can pay, it will help! We are all artists. As long as we don’t get the necessary support from the government, we have to support each other.

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