«Try To» - Finally ready for festivals

Our shortfilm «Try To» is finally finished! For just about four years we fought to keep our project from going under. Countless setbacks paved our road. Snowstorms, financial problems and the temporary loss of our shooting location could not keep us from continuing our work. Now our persistance has finally paid off. It is time to show our film to people around the world. That is why we need your help. Help us give the project, that is so close to our hearts, the ending it deserves.

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When we flee from reality, we flee from the ones that need us most.

«Try To» is a film about guilt and fighting against yourself for the ones you love.

John finds himself alone in a sterile, empty looking world. At first, he cannot move, but after breaking his stupor, John is able to explore his surroundings. Step by step his aching body stumbles through a world that is definitely trying to tell him something. But to figure out what brought him here, John must listen to the clues, accept the past, fight a seemingly endless fight through pain and sorrow and finally find an exit out of this lonely, bleak void that is his own unconscious.

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We want to show our film to as many people as possible. That´s why we need your help.

With your support we will be able to pay for our film festival run and present «Try To» to an international audience.