TURKISH DIDO - a fusion of baroque and oriental

Queen Dido goes Istanbul! 13 eastern and western musicians meet for the fusing of baroque music and the turkish traditional sound.

The shooting of TURKISH DIDO will transform one of Purcell’s most famous arias - «Dido’s Lament» - through a completely new combination of instruments and language in a live recording and filming at the Filter4 in Basel, CH.

To the familiar sounds of the european strings are added the exotic eastern instruments oud, daf, and the ethereal glass harp, all supported by the double bass, bass drum, darbuka and theremin. The oriental soprano voice is joined by clarinet in the exposition of Henry Purcell’s plaintive melody.

The Very Light Orchestra plays from east to west.


The Very Light Orchestra

Gizem Simsek (turkish & british) vocals & oud // Özlem Simsek (turkish & british) theremin & vocals

George Ricci (british & swiss) clarinets & arrangement // Dieter Buchwalder (swiss) glass harp

N. N. violin // N. N. viola // Ambrosius Huber (swiss) cello

Christian Moser (german) oud // Sultan Kara (kurdish) daf // Anna Weissheimer (swiss) darbuka // Samuel Dühsler (swiss) drums

Tom Pletscher (swiss) sound engineering // Edward Mickonis (austrian & swiss) video


Dido needs this unique transcription and translation!

And we need you.

With your contribution, our team - Gizem & The Very Light Orchestra - can try to bring two continents closer to each other. This original translation has never been attempted before.

TURKISH DIDO is a non profit video production which will be shared openly online.

The finances will be used for the transport of equipment to and from Filter4, renting of Filter4, to be able to realize this great cultural musical experiment in a special surrounding and to be able to pay the musicians of The Very Light Orchestra - in a symbolic way - who are supporting this intercultural work with their time and devotion.

Thank you for making this possible!