We are not the best designers or the hippest trendsetters. We started to make clothing because we were sick of the bad quality garments and how the fast fashion industry exploits their workers and our environment.

Our Vision is to create a social- and environment responsible apparel brand which has a minimal impact on our planet and makes sure that all people involved in our products have fair, safe and legal working conditions.

We are confident we can make sustainable clothing and accessoires that are stylish and not harmful to our planet and our workers, all at a fair price. With this in mind we started UND+CO. to make a difference.

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Our collection is made from 100% recycled materials that otherwise end up in landfills. The production of a T-Shrit saves 2’700 litres of water and no harmful chemicals are used.

Our first collection includes t-shirts and sweaters in different variations, basic, print or with pocket - for men and women. The pockets are cut out of old shirts and sewn on, so each piece is unique. For the pockets and the screen printing we work together with HandsOn, an integration program for refugees in Bern.

More information about the project, such as the manufacturing process, production site and HandsOn, can be found on our website.

The delivery is planned for mid-July 2019. The shipping costs are included in the price (within Switzerland).

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I’ve been working on UND+CO for a year now and I have initiated this crowdfunding campaign so that we can start production and cover the first start-up costs. Support us today and become part of our history.

Tell your friends and family about this crowdfunding.

Thanks a lot for your support!