A documentary film about women in the civil war of Sri Lanka

Female combattants, displaced persons and war victims. The film picks five women from anonymity and gives a meaning to their fates. They live with their traumas and dreams. A personal approach to drama and guilt in war.

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My project is special because ...

Documentaries that thematize women in war not merely as victims but also as agents are rare. It is equally rare that all the protagonists are female. For this film even half of the film crew is feminine.

camera: Gabriela Betschart / research, production, direction: Damaris Lüthi/ sound: Olivier JeanRichard/ editing: Amaury Berger

This is what I need backing for.

So far I was able to find eight generous sponsors for the production of the film: The Berner Filmförderung, Amnesty International, Paul Schiller-Stiftung, Burgergemeinde Bern, Stiftung Corymbo, Kanton Solothurn, Reformierte Kirchen Be-Ju-So and Schweizerischer Katholischer Volksverein. They release their contributions once 80% of the budget are covered.

Costs: wages crew incl. social benefits 139’629, technics 71’462, travel, board, lodging 35’930, film music 10’000, film rights, archives 5’000, insurances 1’971.

With the deferred liabilities for the producer’s fee and for the rent of the technical equipment another CHF 22’000.- are needed to reach the required 80%.

That the avisioned amount would be reached within such a short time was unexpected for me! Thank you! Now the salary of the camerawoman is covered, and the filming can be planned.

Additional contributions will benefit the postproduction, which is not yet financed - for example the film music (10’000.-) to be composed by Sándor Török.