The most important points at a glance

I’ve been working on my photo project War without War for roughly twenty years. In 2013 I decided to turn my attention to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and subsequently spent a total of about seven months in both Israel proper and in the occupied and annexed territories.

I traveled to the regions of both parties to the conflict, moving back and forth between extremely different societies, realities, and attitudes.

For me, different perspectives on the same situation became a real, lived experience. I tried to view sites so frequently photographed in Israel, in the West Bank, on the Golan Heights, and in the Gaza Strip with new eyes.

In contrast to classical war photography, I am not focusing on the actual events of war, I am interested in how a conflict becomes visible in everyday life. Faces and bodies, landscapes, villages and cities, streets, squares, and living rooms, the way to work, and leisure parks, museums, memorial days, and theater stages: all areas of life are affected by a conflict—for a long time.



An edition of 76 photos, carefully curated will be published in the book called «unresolved». Captions in four languages, German, English, Arabic and Hebrew will give background information.

The book will have two reading directions, from the front to the rear for German and English readers and vice versa for the Arabic and Hebrew readers.


Why I need your support?

For the expensive translation work, for the final processing of the analog photographed pictures, for the graphic design of the book, there’s still a lack of money. This spring Israel celebrates his 70th birthday, at the same time the Palestinians commemorate the Nakba for the 70th time.

In order that the book can be published in time for these events, I need your support! Thanks a lot!