After many years of existence and a great range of new pieces, we think it’s time to finally record these products of hard work and to publish a double album with our music.

This is why we need your support

The release of a debut-album is one of the most important steps in the career of every band. The problem is, that it is also very expensive. We have spoken to many studio-owners until we received an offer from Helium Records (Basel), that we couldn’t reject. Now we need to collect the money, so we don’t have to reject the offer and this is why we need help: Although the cost is extremely low, we can’t afford it ourselves on our student-salaries, and we need your support, so our effort doesn’t remain uneffective in the end. We thank for all your support and we promise, that the double-album will be unique in its sound.


You can choose from many different rewards for your support. We offer small rewards such as lighters, collectors-items as coverart-books, as well as private concerts in your living room. Many of these items are only available through this crowdfunding-project, so don’t miss the opportunity! Feel free to have a look at our rewards…