A modern mountain bike made to measure for you.

With VAIN Bicycles, I would like to offer all cyclists, bicycle-lovers and -enthusiasts the opportunity to ride a bike that is customised to their personal body size. And without having to do without integrated designs and the tidy look of modern bikes from the big manufacturers.

My first bike was a downcountry hardtail mountain bike, which I was able to present successfully at CycleWeek 2021 in Zurich. I received consistently positive feedback on the design, the idea and the implementation of the concept from both the professional audience and the visitors.

This motivated me to submit the VAIN NO.ONE project for the German Design Award in the category «Excellent Product Design». The nomination has now been confirmed, which makes me very proud. The jury is still deliberating and will announce the results soon.

What distinguishes me from others?

I configure bicycle frames with fully integrated functions in an industrial design. I design the most modern frame geometries in a particularly clean look for an aesthetic that is only known from large manufacturers in the top shelf segments.

Until now, these designs could only be produced profitably in large quantities using carbon or hydroformed aluminium constructions. I, however, am taking the step of using metal 3D printing technology in order to obtain the necessary design freedom on the one hand and to be able to design a high variety of frame sizes on the other.

For my frames I use the different materials with their different properties to create the best characteristics for each centimetre of the frame. Stiff joints, a stiff main frame with integrated seat post clamp, the flexible rear triangle and cable routing guided in the frame.

All frame components are made in Switzerland and carefully prepared by me for assembly. I then join them together using modern construction adhesive to create a finished frame, which is finally preserved and then painted.

Due to my high demands on quality, workmanship and precision, I produce the frames at the highest level. My goal is to constantly improve and increase the quality for the customer.

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From mountain to gravel bikes, that's what I want to fund:

With your contribution I want to finance the material costs for the upcoming prototypes and the pre-series as well as the certificate costs. Besides the labour costs, the prototype and testing costs make up the lion’s share of the development costs. Therefore I need external help to cover these costs.

The first goal is 7’500 CHF to build two frames for tests carried out for the certification according to ISO norm.

The stretch goal is another 17’500 CHF for 2 prototypes, 1 test bike and 1 pre-series bike for exhibitions and test rides of a gravel bike version.

Only then will we be ready to ride the gravel roads on customised bikes in the summer of 2022.

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