A 100% vegan take-away in Lausanne? Yes yes yes!

So many things happened in one year. In July 2014, we have launched monthly vegan brunches, the «Vrunchs», in Lausanne.

A lot has happened to us in only one year. In July 2014, we launched Vrunches, vegan brunches in Lausanne. Us, that is the Veganopolis collective: a group of people brought together by their passion of vegan cuisine. It is our wish to fight the derogatory stereotypes that exist against the vegan diet and to make it accessible to everybody. Our dream: to see the opening of the 1st 100 % vegan restaurant in Lausanne.

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Veganopolis was once a month, Veganopolis Café will be daily.

Twelve Vrunches later, finally this dream becomes reality! Our premises have been found, the team is more motivated than ever and enthusiastic in setting off on this new adventure. That’s how Veganopolis Café has arisen, located at the avenue des bains 4c in Lausanne, 12 minutes and 45 seconds walk away from the train station.

But there’s still lots to do ! The premises still look like a building site, material is needed.

Our take-away menu: – home-made burgers – a delicious variety of today’s specials – pastries and desserts – milk-shakes, smoothies, home-made ice teas and a wide range of other drinks! And there is more: we are launching the Veganopolis catering service and will enjoy creating dishes especially for your events (weddings, birthdays, meetings, business dinners…).

That’s why we had the idea of the Wemakeit campaign, to make sure our café can be inaugurated in August! That’s where you all, friends of Veganopolis, intervene.

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How will the collection be used ?

The financing will enable us to equip the premises, to buy professional kitchen appliances, ecological wrapping material and to create the necessary promotion tools to advertise the Veganopolis Café in our town! All additional funds collected will be a precious help for the successful launch of our café! By acquiring one of the following offers, you will automatically participate in a competition to win 25 vouchers for 1 menu at our take-away.

Don’t wait any longer and join us in the Veganopolis Café adventure!

Thank you!