Vegan&Activist struggle to renovate restaurant

Im a simple Portuguese vegan and activist woman with a small vegan restaurant and i try to give information and help whom that seeks a change in their life. I represent the several activist groups, there for a lot of people dont like me and are always doing something to me or my restaurant. I need your help so i can make some changes here in the restaurant but that requires money that i dont have. Im doing this to ask you for 5000 euros wich will go to the enginner, the architect and the town all. I never though that now with 43 years old just by showing people reality and talking for the helpless animals that i would get so many people trying to close my restaurant or even break it or harm me. You are my last change and hope.

My project is special because its Pure.

I want to speak to people directly and give them good food with good information about the animal cause and how much we need activists here in the south of Portugal. In the midle of bullfighters and people that enjoy to see a bull and a horse in pain i will always opose and stand with the animal because in 2019 this is not acceptable. My restaurante of 30 square metters and one oven is the targett for people that like to see animals in pain there for i need your help to renovate it and make sure that no one will step inside and destroy it.

This is what I need backing for.

The money i need is to pay an engineer, an architect and the inspectors as well i need to put a safe alarm here and renovate parts of the restaurante so it will be safe.