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Community, art, and Environment

AIESEC InternationalCongress

With your help we’ll gather 1000 young minds in 1 place for more than a week, we’ll allow them to speak up and come up with solutions to global issues in cooperation with companies, government & NGOs.
by AIESEC International Congress 2016, Warsaw
119% funded
EUR 5’970 pledged
80 backers
Design, Community, and Art


Value-adding processes in design and art: An initiative for a meaningful exchange of design and artistic projects in collaboration with social and cultural workshops.
by tohu&bohu, Wrocław, Berlin, and Lucerne
43% funded
EUR 6’469 pledged
51 backers

Art and philosophy

I want to combine a multitude of creative processes that involve photography, digital painting and philosophical texts to create architectural and philosophical experimentations.
by John Smith, Kaunas
1% funded
EUR 52 pledged
2 backers
Community and Art

The Pink Mark – Minsk 2015

In a project that moves between painting and performance I will create an installation that will that intents to commemorate the Gay victims of the Nazi persecution.
by Daniel Eisenhut, Minsk
100% funded
CHF 8’000 pledged
17 backers
Art, Music, and Publishing

d.i.v.o. Institut

Ermöglichen Sie einer bildenden Künstlerin oder einer Musikerin einen Werkaufenthalt im tschechischen Kolin und unterstützen sie den Künstlerischen Austausch zwischen Ost und West.
by Mark Divo, Prague
0% funded
CHF 50 pledged
2 backers
Community and Art


30 Maibäume, 15 Fahnen, 7km Weinviertel und endlos viele Gedanken. Ein soziokulturelles Kunstprojekt mit humanistischen Zügen AUS der Region Weinviertel FÜR die Menschen dieser gemütlichen Region.
by Birgit + Peter Kainz, Weinviertl, Oberschoderlee, and Stronsdorf
3% funded
EUR 292 pledged
5 backers

A Painter Must Wait

A one-year long performance in monochromatic confinement. An artistic experiment with time and visual perception.
by Marcin Lodyga, Berlin
1% funded
EUR 449 pledged
37 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Art

Calendar Adelaïde

The adult calendar is both a conventional and a popular format for erotic photography. What we have done is to hijack that format and turn it into a statement of artistic commitment.
by Calendar Adelaïde, Berlin
107% funded
CHF 3’058 pledged
39 backers
Performing arts, Kids / Youth, and Art

Sandtheater Berlin

Die atemberaubenden Sandshows, die fesseln, berühren, mitreißen und faszinieren. Das erste Sandtheater Deutschlands mit einem abwechslungsreichen Repertoire möchte eigenes Haus in Berlin eröffnen.
by Sandartisten, Berlin
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Music and Art

First EP Floor 5

Floor 5 is an electronic rock project. After one year of recording and producing, we are ready to realease the new sound of the italian/russian Berlin based duo.
by Floor 5, Berlin
161% funded
EUR 2’425 pledged
47 backers
Exhibition, Photography, and Art

César Manrique, Homage 2017

Homage – Tribute to the artist on the 25th anniversary of his death. César Manrique was an internationally renowned artist, painter, sculptor and environmentalist. Previously unpublished photographs
by César Manrique – Hommage – Homenaje – Omaggio – Homage 2017 – Linus G. Jauslin, Lanzarote, Zürich, and Berlin
22% funded
EUR 3’591 pledged
21 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Art

Road Trip Collage Katalog

Katalog «Road Trip Collage» über Collagen die «on the road» in Europa und Amerika 2016 entstanden. Die Ausstellung ist auf der «CART» classic cars meet contemporary art, RAE FARM bei Berlin
by Marcus, Berlin
5% funded
EUR 144 pledged
8 backers