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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Warsaw. But this may be of interest to you.
Film, Music, and Community

True Men Show

Do you feel represented in our cultural canon? Do we actively take part in forming our future or are we guided by non-transparent powers? We are curious about what you think. Be part of our journey!
by True Men Show, Berlin and Jakarta
12% funded
EUR 2’445 pledged
30 backers
Film and Dance

Moving into the Infinite

Moving into the Infinite - a poetic dance film. A declaration of love to that which is truly alive and inherent in all cultures, religions and human hearts.
by Paramjyoti, Berlin and Munich
105% funded
EUR 8’455 pledged
56 backers
Photography, Film, and Performing Arts

Somewhere, Maybe Here

Somewhere, Maybe Here is a silent film/performance piece in development: a call to connection from a stranger. Follow a fallen angel who arrives to the city and goes out to meet people on the street. 
by Cat Gerrard, Berlin
151% funded
EUR 6’180 pledged
23 backers

The Last To See Them Alive

A film by Sara Summa. Produced by the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. (dffb)
Shooting in September 2017 on location in South Italy.
by The last to see them, Berlin, Aliano, and Genzano di Lucania
153% funded
EUR 6’770 pledged
71 backers

Film-Releasetour «Huicholes»

Der neue Dok-Film HUICHOLES: THE LAST PEYOTE GUARDIANS greift die Debatte um den Erhalt indigener Kulturen auf und fördert das Schaffen von Independent-Produktionen. Support us!
by Huicholes Film-Releasetour, Berlin, Innsbruck, and Zurich
108% funded
CHF 6’495 pledged
47 backers
Photography, Film, and Journalism

Faces of Ukraine

Ein unabhängiges Projekt aus der Ukraine. Weiter geht es mit neuen Orten. Up-to-date Videos und Fotos via Blog und Facebook. Please support!
by Alisa Bauchina and sim e, Kyyiv and Berlin
133% funded
EUR 6’683 pledged
153 backers


Deutscher Film. Thriller. Real. Hitchcock. Bresson. Renoir. Neu. Lesbisch. Schön. Traurig. Heiss.
by Valentin Merz and Donat Blum, Berlin
102% funded
CHF 5’100 pledged
26 backers
Film and Art

Jonny und Jenny

Jonny. Unbrauchbar. Große Stadt. Sucht Ideale. Will richtiger Mann sein! Gescheiterter Massenmobilisierungsversuch. Zieht allein aufs Land. Lebt Seemannsdasein auf Acker. Trifft Jenny.
by Alexandra Martini and Jakob Roth, Berlin
200% funded
EUR 1’205 pledged
29 backers

The Doll Factory

Detroit, 1963, the fall of the biggest toy factory of the town. The company specialized in doll manufacturing will burn after a disturbing story of workers disappearance inside the factory.
by Miss Puppen, Berlin
13% funded
EUR 270 pledged
4 backers
Film, Music, and Art

BDYBLDNG Single + Video

Invitation to Barbecue – 7inch-Veröffentlichung und Video
by BDYBLDNG, Berlin
18% funded
EUR 457 pledged
8 backers
Publishing, Film, and Design

Shut Up, I’m Counting!

Typography and film meet in the story of Tara and Ohio, who, guided by the Oracle and misguided by the Dot are looking for the sign «X», that should lead them to the exit.  
by Felix Weigand, Berlin
100% funded
EUR 7’000 pledged
44 backers

Schwarzer Panther

Ein Langspielfilm über die Geschwister Emilie und Jakob, ihre tiefe Liebe und das eigene Glück. Was nicht immer dasselbe sein muss.
by Samuel Perriard, Ormont-Dessous, Berlin, and Zurich
184% funded
CHF 10’166 pledged
26 backers

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