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Community, art, and Environment

AIESEC InternationalCongress

With your help we’ll gather 1000 young minds in 1 place for more than a week, we’ll allow them to speak up and come up with solutions to global issues in cooperation with companies, government & NGOs.
by AIESEC International Congress 2016, Warsaw
119% funded
EUR 5’970 pledged
79 backers
Music, Community, and Dance

Heart of Dixie - LP release

We finally recorded our first album and we do want you to listen and dance to our music, so it will be soon available on all platforms. But if you want to support us, you can buy this cool LP record.
by Janek Čarek, Brno
121% funded
EUR 3’028 pledged
103 backers
Community and Art

The Pink Mark – Minsk 2015

In a project that moves between painting and performance I will create an installation that will that intents to commemorate the Gay victims of the Nazi persecution.
by Daniel Eisenhut, Minsk
100% funded
CHF 8’000 pledged
17 backers
Community and Tourism

Aufbau des Flüchtlingslagers

Das Ziel des Projekts – Gründung des internationalen Fremdenverkehrsorts fuer die Fluechtlinge, um den Bergwandertourismus und den Aktivtourismus zu entwickeln.
by Ivan Borynskyi, Prokurava
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Design and Community

Soutenez les droits d'auteur

Un restaurateur en ville de Neuchâtel n’a pas payé la facture de frais pour mes services de graphic et web design. Mon avocat demande 3’000CHF pour m’aider à récupérer les 5’109€ facturés à ce client.
by Graphic Designer, Berlin
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers
Film, Music, and Community

True Men Show

Do you feel represented in our cultural canon? Do we actively take part in forming our future or are we guided by non-transparent powers? We are curious about what you think. Be part of our journey!
by True Men Show, Berlin and Jakarta
12% funded
EUR 2’445 pledged
30 backers
Film, Politics, and Community

Echse Homo

Ein Österreicher in Berlin. Schon wieder. Die dämonische Berlin-Satire.
by Thomas Adamicka, Berlin and Zürich
122% funded
EUR 4’295 pledged
13 backers
Photography, Community, and Art

Reise in die Vergangenheit

Reise in die Vergangenheit.
Meine eigene Geschichte zeigt, dass Frieden zwischen
Kriegs-Parteien, den Menschen, die den Krieg erleben mussten, nach langem oder nie mehr eigenen Frieden finden.
by Sven Unold, Berlin, Poleň, and Prague
7% funded
CHF 590 pledged
3 backers
Community, tourism, and Environment

Onlineblog:Weltreise mit Van

Wir sind ein Sehr glückliches lesbisches Paar und möchten eine gemeinsame Zukunft! Wir träumen von einer Weltreise, wollen neue Kulturen kennenlernen, möchten dazu einen Onlineblog für euch gestalten.
by Ihavenoname, Oslo, Zürich, and Berlin
10% funded
CHF 100 pledged
1 backer
Community and Environment

Save the Madagascar’s forest

Be a part of the project, to make known cooking with Sunenergy in Madagascar and to give Solarcookers to Malagasy Families.
by Michael Neubert, Berlin
0% funded
CHF 45 pledged
1 backer
Design and Community

Menuisier Surfboards

Project continuation of an ongoing collaboration with Senegalese carpenters. Construction plans for affordable wooden surfboards for local surfers as well as for those who want to become alike.
by Menuisier Surfboards, Dakar, Berlin, and Zurich
107% funded
CHF 6’443 pledged
43 backers
Architecture and Community

Das Schiff der Vielfältigkeit

Hallo Seemänner, Affen, Papageien, Köche, Matrosen, Kräuter, Blumen, Meerjungfrauen, Piraten: Wir wollen uns ein Schiff bauen.
by Philipp Wittulsky, Berlin
4% funded
EUR 1’065 pledged
15 backers

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