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We want to take part at the INNOTRANS-fair in Berlin in September and we need the money for participating!

EUR 3’685

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 22/8/2022

Take us to the biggest European mobility fair!

METROPA needs public attention – as much as possible from as many people as possible. Also the experts must know about the project, because it can be an important source of inspiration for their research, innovation and networking. That’s why we want to take METROPA with a large banner and a small information stand to Berlin to the INNOTRANS-fair, the largest mobility trade fair in Europe, which is about nothing less than the future of transport. It’s where the much-vaunted «mobility transformation» is being negotiated, worked out and put into place, and this is where experts from leading companies, manufacturers, NGOs and research teams meet. The impulses emanating from METROPA can have a decisive influence on further development. Send us to INNOTRANS and enable the METROPA idea to have an effective presence at one of the most important mobility trade fairs in the world!

METROPA network map (©2022)
METROPA network map (©2022)

My project is special because ...

Participating at INNOTRANS represents a great opportunity for the METROPA project, because for the first time we are addressing the professional world, who negotiate the conditions in the mobility sector from completely different points of view instead of the general public or politics. Technical, innovative and economic expertise are in the foreground, whereas emotion and strategy are secondary - yet not irrelevant. The professional world represents the link between society (as user) and politics (as responsible implementer). Placing METROPA prominently here means getting to the root of technical and economic decision-making. It is an essential move to advance and implement METROPA’s goals.

Fees, material, expenses

The budget will be used for METROPA’s participation fee in INNOTRANS (€1150), the production of information material (printed materials, banner, t-shirts – €800), personnel (€400) and expenses for accommodation and travel for 4 people (€650).