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Stronger Together

Our objective is to support young entrepreneurs globally by helping their businesses survive, as well as helping families in Italy who are no longer able to afford groceries due to Covid-19 crisis.
by Stronger Together, Geneva and London
104% funded
EUR 15’728 pledged
62 backers
Film and Community

Cody – the dog days are over

Feature length documentary film about the power of animals and the bond between man and animals. This film wants to show the human-animal relationship from a different angle.
by Martin, Zürich, London, and Târgoviște
122% funded
CHF 33’150 pledged
102 backers
Food and Community

Native Makers Land & Passion

Directly from the producer to your table, a network of local and small makers of genuine products.
by Antonio, London, Lugano, and Milan
1% funded
CHF 160 pledged
3 backers
Games, Community, and Literature

Carte Manga Accesoires

Nous avons pour projet la réalisation d’un magasin de jeu de carte, accessoires et manga pour échanger et partager une passion en accueillant des joueurs yugioh, et d’autres jeu de carte
by Flahaut Adeline, Amiens
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Architecture, Community, and Tourism

Communauté Aquanor Mexilho

Initiation participative d’un nouveau mode de vie du loisir partagé.
Closerie en propriété participative par le biais d’une communauté d’investissement intellectuel formée par anneaux.
by Norcadie, Paris and Torres Vedras
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Film, Community, and Sport

L'Aventure Gay Games 2018

Réaliser un film documentaire (26’ ou 52’) HD sur la 30è édition des Gay Games, à Paris : 4-12/08/2018, en suivant particulièrement des athlètes de toute la Suisse, avec ouverture, humour et esprit.
by Metaqueer, Paris
112% funded
CHF 5’620 pledged
31 backers
Music, Community, and Art

Day Before Us, live music

Day Before Us is a binational neoclassical and dark ambient project. After seven years of existence we've decided to reinforce the live touring experience. Our deepest gratitude to any contributor.
by DBU, Paris
7% funded
EUR 150 pledged
2 backers
Politics, Community, and Environment

Indigene Lobbyreise und Film

Die Zerstörung des Amazonasregenwaldes ist dramatisch. VertreterInnen von indigenen Gemeinschaften wollen in Europa und Nordamerika über die prekäre Lage aufklären und Lösungen diskutieren.
by Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker, Geneva, Rome, and Paris
142% funded
CHF 21’304 pledged
181 backers
Publishing, Community, and Art

Berlingot erotic condensed

B E R L I N G O T is an erotic and artistic magazine exploring gender and sexuality fluidity through a selection of 40 artists.
by BERLINGOT, Toulouse, Paris, and Geneva
107% funded
EUR 6’440 pledged
126 backers
Music and Community

CD multi-culturel

Magnifique Rock-blues Africain. Album Suisse-Burkina Faso! Une rencontre entre Jacob Salem et André Courbat. Le résultat magique de 2 cultures qui communiquent et se complètent parfaitement.
by André Courbat, Nyon, Ouagadougou, and Paris
103% funded
CHF 9’245 pledged
80 backers
Fashion, Publishing, and Community

A March Issue

What happens if all the models in a fashion magazine wear the same outfit? A passing thought accelerated into reality. Here is a chance to see a glossy magazine shaken up, stripped back and laid bare.
by Line, Amsterdam
105% funded
EUR 4’636 pledged
158 backers
Startup, Community, and Technology

Selfless Selfie

Help us make «giving» more exciting and generate millions of donations for good causes!
by Anne and Philipp, Zürich and Amsterdam
5% funded
CHF 1’415 pledged
16 backers

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