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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Ōsaka. But this may be of interest to you.
Cie zeitSprung goes east

Performing arts, art, and Dance

Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taipei

Cie zeitSprung goes east

by Cie zeitSprung

Cie zeitSprung will be on tour in Asia to perform their pieces «Komplizen RELOADED», «Orthopädie or to be» and «Human Beatbox» to festivals, theatres, museums and open air.

101 %
CHF 3’030
27 backers

Community, Performing arts, and Dance

Zürich and Kyiv


by irazaichenko

We need your help! Five lives, five real story of dancers, our paths from the beginning of the war. We want to to talk and share it with people because now it’s very relevant and very important!

1 %
CHF 280
3 backers
Social dance platform & club

Community and Dance

Ukrainka and Kyiv

«Contra invading Ukraine via social dance» is meant to help social dancers around the world to discover new places more easily. We will program an app, which will serve as a platform.

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Championnat du monde Pologne

Performing arts, Kids / Youth, and Dance


Après une 5ème place suisse en duo hip hop junior, Norah et Binta se sont qualifiées pour les championnats du monde de la discipline qui ont lieu à Kielce en Pologne du 23 au 28 octobre 2023!

111 %
CHF 1’115
24 backers
Dance Lab in Lebanon

Performing arts, Dance, and Education


Dance Lab in Lebanon

by Simea Cavelti

Dance as a resourceful and social tool to transform memories and experiences in challenging times - a creative lab resulting in a dance performance and shared with a wide audience across Lebanon.

100 %
CHF 10’050
70 backers
Swiss dancer in Israel

Art, Dance, and Education


As a preprofessional contemporary dancer, I need your help to go to an amazing dance program in Israel. I was accepted there this summer!

26 %
CHF 1’580
11 backers
Moving into the Infinite

Film and Dance

Berlin and Munich

Moving into the Infinite - a poetic dance film. A declaration of love to that which is truly alive and inherent in all cultures, religions and human hearts.

105 %
EUR 8’455
56 backers
Let's Dance !

Art, Dance, and Education

Berlin, Lausanne, and Paris

Let's Dance !

by Isabelle Vesseron

I need a hand to finance the Tanz Fabrik program I’ve been admitted to: EUR 3’000, and I can assure you I will end the program longing TO BRING OUT YOUR APPETITE FOR DANCE !

106 %
EUR 3’187
49 backers
Tanz, Tanz, Tanz Fabrik!

Startup and Dance


Tanz, Tanz, Tanz Fabrik!

by Isabelle Vesseron

I need a hand to finance the Tanz Fabrik program I’ve been admitted to. I can assure you I will end the program longing TO BRING OUT YOUR APPETITE FOR DANCE !

25 %
EUR 2’253
30 backers
 Zirkrobajka – Contemporary Circus

Performing arts, Kids / Youth, and Dance


Zirkrobajka – Contemporary Circus

by Maria – Unterstützerin von Zirkrobajka

A Circus project for and with young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in Poland, Rumania, Turkey. Win self-confidence and confidence in others!

108 %
EUR 1’080
15 backers

Performing arts, Dance, and Technology



by Felix Schaefer

BoerlinBoerds Productions and Platoon Kunsthalle proudly present: «eschaton». This hybrid mix of theatre, music, dance and multimedia art takes the idea of theatre to the next level.

3 %
EUR 95
3 backers
Heart of Dixie - LP release

Music, Community, and Dance


We finally recorded our first album and we do want you to listen and dance to our music, so it will be soon available on all platforms. But if you want to support us, you can buy this cool LP record.