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Startup, Kids / Youth, and Education

Infant&Child Sleep Coaching

Sweet Babydreams offers worldwide sleep coaching to families with children aged 0-5 years old. We create an individual & holistic sleep plan for each child & are specialised in gentle sleep methods.
by Rachael Kullmann - Sleep Coach for Infants & Children / Schlaf Beraterin für Baby & Kleinkinder and Shane Lübbig - Schlaf Beraterin für Baby & Kleinkinder, Winterthur and Aeschi bei Spiez
57% funded
CHF 8’639 pledged
30 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

HÄSCH LUST... druber z'rädu?

Let's talk about (sex) intimacy! Reden wir von Intimität!
Eine Diskussion für die Sozialpädagog.inn.en über die Bedürfnisse nach Intimität von den Jugendlichen in Wohnheimen.
by Noémie Moulin, Sierre
101% funded
CHF 1’520 pledged
12 backers
Sport, tourism, and Education

Your Retreat House

Wellbeing – Nature – Permaculture – Yoga –
The energy school is almost ready to receive guests from all over the world willing to have a rest, enjoy the nature and recharge with positive energy.
by Energy School, Interlaken
0% funded
CHF 20 pledged
1 backer
Publishing, Literature, and Education

Graines de liberté

Editer une version papier de mon nouveau livre, intitulé «Graines de liberté».
Le livre est disponible en ligne et devrait s’enrichir, interactivement, grâce au site Web qui enrichit l’ouvrage.
by Jean-Pierre Rey, Lens
14% funded
CHF 1’345 pledged
27 backers
Community, Environment, and Education

Center Xung macht Yung

With your help the very first community health center in Thun is going to open its doors on January 17th 2021. Here everything is about growing together, move, nutrition, healing and sustainability.
by Team Xung macht Yung, Thun
101% funded
CHF 17’569 pledged
85 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Digitale Kids

Kinder erschaffen mittels digitaler Geräte und Tools (Kunst-)Werke. Die Arbeiten werden auf der Website veröffentlicht.
by Digitale Kids, Thun
23% funded
CHF 580 pledged
7 backers
Community and Education

School bus for Mongolia

15’000 kilometers, 17 countries and 40 days driving time. As the «Beo Boys» team, we travel from Switzerland to Mongolia – and hand over our VW bus there to a children’s charity for further use.
by Julien Savioz, Thun and Ulaanbaatar
112% funded
CHF 8’412 pledged
69 backers

WST – Young Economic Night

Wir sind fünf Berufsmaturandinnen der Wirtschaftsschule Thun und organisieren die Abschlussfeier 2018 für die diesjährigen Berufsmaturaabsolventen.
by WST-YEN, Thun
15% funded
CHF 475 pledged
11 backers
Startup, Dance, and Education

«The Yard»

«THE YARD-dance & culture district» is going to be a dancestudio in Thun(Switzerland).
We want to create a place for people to exchange positive energy through the medium of dance and Hip Hop.
by THE YARD, Thun
104% funded
CHF 11’451 pledged
74 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education


Nous souhaitons élargir la gamme de nos ateliers, notamment pour les adultes et pour nos aînés.
Développer notre coin boutique d’arts et d’artisanats pour vous proposer encore plus de magie.
by TartarOuga - Atelier & Boutique, Savièse
14% funded
CHF 710 pledged
9 backers
Games and Education

Le Dé Magique

Le Dé Magique est un magasin de jouet seconde main, à but non lucratif, qui redistribue des jouets qui ont préalablement été recueillis et restaurés par une population précarisée.
by OSEO Valais, Sion
2% funded
CHF 1’450 pledged
7 backers
Film, Kids / Youth, and Education

Patouch ! Oui mais à qui ?

Nous réalisons une vidéo d'animation de prévention des violences, sensible, touchante, émotionnelle mais joyeuse. Malgré le sérieux du sujet, nous prenons le parti de miser sur le côté lumineux.
by PATOUCH, Geneva, Sion, and Lausanne
131% funded
CHF 10’506 pledged
100 backers

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