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Politics, Festival, and Environment

Bern, Lausanne, and Zurich

Ground ’n’ Sound Tour

by Manuel Michel and Cyrill Bolliger

So wie überall in der Schweiz Festivals aus dem Boden schiessen, so verstreut wird auch überall gebaut. Doch jetzt hast du mit uns die Chance die Zersiedelung richtig laut zu stoppen!

CHF 6’030
100 %
48 backers

Music, Festival, and Environment


Im Herzen des Humanismus

by Sandrine Wenger

Eine Ausstellung aus recycelten Materialien in Form von Totems zum Thema «Was bedeutet es, sich selber, die Natur und den Anderen zu respektieren». Vom 13. bis 15. Juni in Lausanne

CHF 5’200
104 %
29 backers

Politics, Community, and Environment


Another world is still possible! And it will be democratic, or it won’t be! A true ecological and social democracy is within reach, we need you! 💙

CHF 53’600
178 %
408 backers

Kids / Youth, Environment, and Education

Lausanne and Bang Rin

Education & Environment

by Laurence Pian, APUJOL, and Capucine Paour

By the Jan & Oscar Foundation. Help the Moken people (sea gypsies) in their fight against plastic pollution, to protect the oceans through education and professional training.

CHF 21’130
105 %
78 backers

Food, Technology, and Environment


Let's build together the future of food and cooking. A year ago we were dreaming about it. Today, we have never been so close to finally realizing this dream.

CHF 25’113
100 %
55 backers

Technology, Environment, and Education


Soleva – Solar electric van

by Curdin W., Matthieu B., and Soleva Solar Team

With your support, we convert an old camper into an electric home on wheels, self-powered by 100% renewable energy. A project to inspire society to a sustainable transition in both mobility and energy

CHF 29’583
147 %
131 backers

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment


Suite à la regrettée fermeture du bistrot Jajaffe le soir en janvier dernier, nous devons nous soumettre à une remise aux normes totale du restaurant pour ouvrir à nouveau et avons besoin de vous!

CHF 38’000
108 %
273 backers

Kids / Youth and Environment


Dans un esprit Humain j’ai décidé de ne pouvoir avoir d’enfant(s) en procédant à une Vaséctomie. Procédé que j’envisage depuis l’age de 16ans et opéreration le 24.05. Merci à tous ceux me soutenant.

0 %
0 backers

Fair Trade, Community, and Environment

Lausanne, Sion, and Fribourg


by Sara Pereira

Help us to democratize the delivery of bulk and eco-responsible products at home, everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland !

CHF 13’170
37 %
135 backers

Startup, Fair Trade, and Environment


Local Tigernut drink

by Back to Roots

Our project is to relaunch the local production of our tigernut-based drink.
Organic, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free product, competitive and suitable for any consumer.

CHF 7’791
38 %
41 backers

Community, Kids / Youth, and Environment


Eco-friendly concept store

by Cyrielle and Fabrice

Help «La Chouquette» to create its unique eco-friendly concept store in Lausanne with a great selection of Swiss artisanal groceries, gift ideas, a kids corner and workshops!

CHF 46’370
103 %
314 backers

Startup, Community, and Environment

Lausanne and Bern

NOW Care Instant Soaps

by NOW Care - Larina

We’re explorers, We’re curious, We're NOW Care.
Make minimal-waste your lifestyle with our instant soap powder. Powder + Water + Shake = a practical and earth-friendly shower.