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Food, Fair Trade, and Community

Lausanne and Samaya

Kibili Project

by Enfants des collines

Avocado oil as a development lever for Guinea.

CHF 50’890
127 %
272 backers

Design and Fair Trade


French Fries

by clara

French Fries is an initiative by 3 young designers to promote new ways of producing, by favoring local technics, ressources and local know-hows.

CHF 10’510
105 %
62 backers

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment


Suite à la regrettée fermeture du bistrot Jajaffe le soir en janvier dernier, nous devons nous soumettre à une remise aux normes totale du restaurant pour ouvrir à nouveau et avons besoin de vous!

CHF 38’000
108 %
273 backers

Fair Trade, Community, and Environment

Lausanne, Sion, and Fribourg


by Sara Pereira

Help us to democratize the delivery of bulk and eco-responsible products at home, everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland !

CHF 13’170
37 %
135 backers

Food, Startup, and Fair Trade


Friends & Sweets

by Maeva Bernheim

Friends & Sweets : homemade pastries made by a passionate woman. Various desserts personalized with seasonal products. Discover the world of my pastries on social media :)

CHF 33’335
133 %
152 backers

Startup, Fair Trade, and Environment


Local Tigernut drink

by Back to Roots

Our project is to relaunch the local production of our tigernut-based drink.
Organic, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free product, competitive and suitable for any consumer.

CHF 7’791
38 %
41 backers

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment


Domani - Pizzeria Durable

by Mario Mattiello

Domani will be the first Neapolitan pizzeria in Lausanne that will exclusively use local ingredients, from organic agriculture, and with a strong waste reduction approach!

CHF 22’316
139 %
194 backers

Film and Fair Trade


Another Coffee Please!

by Barry Ciocco Creative

You probably know what coffee is ... Another Coffee Please! is a film which aims at shining a light on the so-called specialty coffee and propose you a new way of looking at this infamous beverage.

CHF 3’070
25 %
15 backers

Startup, Fair Trade, and Environment


Zélo propose des produits frais, régionaux et zéro déchets livrés directement chez vous en vélo. Grâce à vous tous, nous allons bientôt pouvoir proposer nos services sur Lausanne!

CHF 60’052
240 %
222 backers

Design, Fair Trade, and Environment

Geneva, Lausanne, and Zürich

Contribute to the most eco-innovative watch in Switzerland! A new label: Circular Swiss made. Help us influence the industry towards a better sustainability!

CHF 273’317
182 %
161 backers

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment


Epicerie vrac Bio Bulk

by Françoise Maden

Bio Bulk c’est la future épicerie zéro déchet, bio et local favorisant le circuit court. Elle sera équipée d’une machine à distribuer de la bière en vrac et d'un moulin à broyer les oléagineux.

CHF 41’306
118 %
262 backers

Fashion, Design, and Fair Trade



by Kevin, Nathalie, and Maria

Un paquet de mouchoirs en coton biologique. Une alternative écologique, hygiénique et durable pour réduire nos déchets quotidiens.