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Fashion, Publishing, and Design

L’urbain magazine

Join us for the publication of a magazine dedicated to visual creation , art and culture. Key first step of an ambitious project for Swiss culture!
by WELTKERN®, Geneva, Zurich, and Lausanne
5% funded
CHF 815 pledged
6 backers

Fluctuation(s) - Le Linge

Le Linge needs you! Help us fund our fourth collection «Fluctuation(s)», upgrade your wardrobe and give us the opportunity to promote the work of talented artists.
by LE LINGE, Geneva, Neuchatel, and Lausanne
100% funded
CHF 3’025 pledged
16 backers
Fashion and Design

Symbiot clothing

Symbiot is an upcoming clothing line that doesn’t sell clothes, we instead sell our logo, in the form of patches, that you can then paste to anything in order to create a symbiote.
by GJM, Lausanne
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers

HOME: collection pour homme

«michel» Swiss label founded by passionate Michèle Schneuwly, released his second collection of ready-to-wear for men under the name HOME for winter 2014.
by Michèle Schneuwly, Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 10’390 pledged
97 backers
Fashion, Photography, and Publishing

Cicatrice fête ses 30ans

Création d’un livre anniversaire, retraçant le travail de la styliste lausannoise Geneviève Mathier depuis 1984.
by Geneviève Mathier, Lausanne
109% funded
CHF 8’770 pledged
38 backers

Prism: Swiss Label

Prism’s objective is to support young emerging Swiss talents of the design and fashion industry, still unknown to the general public.
by PRISM_Label, Lausanne
7% funded
CHF 615 pledged
6 backers
Fashion and Design

Tu n’auras pas d’autre icône que moi et tu mangeras ton père.

Pour ma collection de diplôme à la HEAD, j'ai donné vie à une figure masculine imaginaire et sentimentale, entre dessin et mode.
by xénia laffely, Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 3’270 pledged
26 backers
Fashion, Startup, and Environment

Julienne Swimwear

Quality swimwear made from recycled fabrics (Econyl®). Designed in Switzerland and hand sewn in Portugal. We need your help to produce our new collection!
by Julienne Swimwear, Noémie Schmid, and Julie Dizerens, Lausanne
100% funded
CHF 20’073 pledged
195 backers
Fashion, Community, and Environment


LA TRAME invites us to rethink our clothing consumption through repairing, transforming and swapping.
LA TRAME will be a place to meet and share experiences about textile in Lausanne, Switzerland.
by Isa Boucharlat, Aurélia Joly, and Laure Paschoud, Lausanne
116% funded
CHF 23’213 pledged
252 backers
Fashion and Sport

Save the Season 20/21

Stellen Sie eine Haube mit integriertem Filter zur Verfügung, damit Sie die Seilbahnen trotz der sanitären Einschränkungen normal benutzen können.
by Save the Season, Lausanne
8% funded
CHF 600 pledged
12 backers
Fashion, Design, and Fair Trade


Un paquet de mouchoirs en coton biologique. Une alternative écologique, hygiénique et durable pour réduire nos déchets quotidiens.
by Kevin, Nathalie, and Maria, Lausanne
106% funded
CHF 10’695 pledged
219 backers
Fashion, Design, and Fair Trade

Wool Flats & Loafers

A collection of wool loafers and flats crafted with natural materials and timeless designs. «A Simple Swiss Shoe» by Baabuk.
by Baabuk, Lausanne
209% funded
CHF 10’482 pledged
83 backers