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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Zante (Zacinto). But this may be of interest to you.
Kids / Youth and Education

Maturareise 2018

We are planning on going to Thessaloniki for our last trip as a class before we graduate and are hoping to get the funds needed to finance our last special trip.
by leonierausch, Thessaloniki
2% funded
CHF 130 pledged
3 backers
Community, Performing arts, and Kids / Youth

Clowns in Flüchtlingcamps

Letzten Herbst wurden wir darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass die Kinder in den Flüchtlingscamps die Clowns auch brauchen könnten. Wir müssen wieder dort hin!
by Wirbel, Lesbos Prefecture and Thessaloniki
132% funded
CHF 5’565 pledged
46 backers
Kids / Youth and Education

Psychomotricité en Albanie

Une association albanaise de professionnel-les du handicap invite deux jeunes psychomotricien-nes pour donner un cycle de formations.
Objectif: accompagner l'émergence de la psychomotricité albanaise.
by Association Ricochet, Tirana
120% funded
CHF 3’623 pledged
42 backers
Community and Kids / Youth

Weihnachten für Alle

In Shutka, einem der ärmsten Viertel in Mazedonien (30 Autominuten von Skopje entfernt) wird eine Weihnachtsfeier durchgeführt.
by WeihnachtenFürAlle, Skopje and Bern
1% funded
CHF 65 pledged
2 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Art

OneHappyFamily Center Lesvos

Das OneHappyFamily Community Center in Lesvos bietet geflüchteten Menschen einen Ort, wo sie den Tag in Würde verbringen können, sich kreativ betätigen können und auf Augenhöhe behandelt werden.
by Fabian, Mitilini
13% funded
CHF 3’930 pledged
13 backers
Publishing, Kids / Youth, and Art

The Patter-mice & Sleepyhead

We need your support for publishing our first book for children – «The Patter-mice and Sleepyhead». Give us a chance to enchant the kids!
by makke, Sofia
100% funded
EUR 2’010 pledged
28 backers
Food, Kids / Youth, and Environment

Organic gardens in schools

«School Organic Gardens» are living laboratories where interdisciplinary lessons are drawn from real life experiences, encouraging students to become active participants in the learning process.
by Z. Mitrović, Kragujevac, Novi Pazar, and Niš
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Community and Kids / Youth

Ein neues Zuhause

Helfen wir gemeinsam der Familie Jovanovic ein bessereres Zuhause zu finanzieren. Momentan lebt die 10-köpfige Roma-Familie in Serbien in einem Container/Barracke von ca. 10m2 ohne fliessendes Wasser.
by Heidi, Ćuprija Municipality
107% funded
CHF 6’470 pledged
39 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Kindergarten reconstruction

Partial reconstruction of kindergarten in Kladanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina before winter so we can have adequate heating to provide warm space for our children!
by i-platform, Kladanj
106% funded
CHF 3’200 pledged
36 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport

StreetRacket @ Refugee Camps

Street Racket will be introduced to refugees living in camps around Belgrade. With Street Racket we can make an important contribution on daily healthy activities, social integration and occupation.
by Street Racket, Belgrade
19% funded
CHF 270 pledged
4 backers
Community and Kids / Youth

Theodora Sevgi Doktorları

Seit 1998 besuchen die speziell ausgebildeten Künstler «Theodora Sevgi Doktorları» in türkischen Krankenhausern chronisch kranke Kinder, um ihnen unvergessliche Freudenmomente zu schenken.
by Theodora Sevgi Doktorları, Ankara and Istanbul
4% funded
CHF 210 pledged
4 backers
Community and Kids / Youth

These children need us

Turkey has become a hotspot of corona infection. Locked up in crowded homes, children are increasingly exposed to conflict and domestic violence. They need help.
by Basak Schweiz, İstanbul
126% funded
CHF 12’653 pledged
83 backers

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