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We do short yoga sessions in class, together with a professional tests, measuring the concentration levels in students, with really great positive result.

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Concluded on 29/1/2023

Yoga and meditation for better quality of educational and work process

In class or workplace to get in touch with your source of harmony, calmness, energy, focus and creativity

We offer a simple and scientifically proven from our team method based on techniques of yoga and meditation with experienced yoga and clinical psychology specialists

We all know of various problems in schools, lack of concentration in students, lost of interests about the subject and bad discipline, which is hard for teachers to handle. We start with one school to introduce small sessions of yoga and meditations in the academic class by measuring the concentration levels of students by professional tests designed by Eva Haralanova, Phd in clinical psychology. The results of 2 month tests show big improvement of concentration in classes with included yoga sessions. Atmosphere is changed for better, teacher’s work much easier and children really love it. We want to continue our work by including other schools and universities, educating teachers and publishing a scientific paper, which proves our method is working. Teacher which is applying the method in her classes of chemistry and biology is many years teacher of yoga and a Phd student in Indology department of Sofia University.

Innovative project of introducing yoga in learning process

Nowadays especially after pandemic we all know that yoga and meditation is valuable methods for releasing stress, improve our mental abilities of focus and creativity and take a good care of our health, like prevention, but also like a healing method, increasing our energy levels, vitality and inner peace. Many years yoga teachers and scientist we come along this very new mode of introducing yoga in class and prove by scientific psychology tests, that concentration levels are really improving, and 100 % of children love it and say that they feel better and more concentrated, even some of them want to have yoga pauses in every class..

We need funding to continue our mission and research

We want to create a webpage with online video instructions.

Continue and publish our research proving the benefits of yoga and meditation for educational process. Organize educational seminars for teachers in secondary and high school. Introduce the method to organization which are taking care of children with educational problems. Introduce the method in corporations, work spaces, in hospitals for stuff and children and adult patients.