The Patter-mice & Sleepyhead

by makke


We need your support for publishing our first book for children – «The Patter-mice and Sleepyhead». Give us a chance to enchant the kids!

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Successfully concluded on 25/6/2016

We are Monika and Tania and we need your support for publishing our first book for children – «The Patter-mice and Sleepyhead».

This is a funny and honest story about four little mice and a bear. They meet, they learn to appreciate each other, they have a bunch of adventures. ​All illustration in the book are hand drawn by an amazing young artist. The story goes along with an entertaining game with questions and sticker answers.

​The stories of Patter-mice and Sleepyhead are planned as a sequel. If you support us, we will be able to complete it and enter independently a highly competitive market. Give us a chance to enchant the kids.

  • The Patter-mice and Sleepyhead
    The Patter-mice and Sleepyhead

Why do we need your support?

Bulgaria has a small book market and being a national author and an illustrator generaly isn’t easy. When it comes to children’s literature things get even harder. The market is dominated by translated books and investment in national headlines is rare. This is depriving children of books, written in their home language, but more important –since circulation is low, the work of illustrators gets higly underestimated and so the cirlce closes. We are motivated to try to break it. «The Pattermice and Sleepyhead» is illustrated by a very talented young artist – Monika. She has chosen to follow the hard path of an illustrator and both of us believe that talent finally pays off.

What we need the money for?

The budget is planned to cover the print expences for the production of 1000 copies of the book. Expenses for gifts are also included as well as some distribution costs.

About us

The author: That is me – Tanya Petrova. I work as a journalist for Sega daily, Bulgaria ( I am 37. My sign is Aquarius. My most sublime moment – running with the Olympic flame. My headline: together. Home place: Sandanski. A girl from G class, First English language school.

The illustrator: My name is Monika Komarnitska. I still remember the first exhibition I went to – the work of Pablo Picasso. My interest towards illustration was born in the making of a simple Christmas card. I am 18 years old. Spanish language highschool, Sofia.