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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Camporeale. But this may be of interest to you.

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Community and Sport


uniti inquesta crisi
by Forza Napoli, Naples
9% funded
EUR 1’080 pledged
7 backers
Sport, tourism, and Environment


Finanzierung der nötigen Unterhalts- und Wartungsarbeiten Frühling 2018.
by Norseman, Portoferraio
34% funded
EUR 1’746 pledged
9 backers
Community, Sport, and Tourism

On Twour

On Twour. Ein Projekt, welches das einfache und umweltfreundliche Reisen schmackhaft machen soll. Wir teilen mit Dir diverse Insider Informationen, die wir auf unserem Weg mit dem Fahrrad sammeln.

by On Twour, Verona, Venice, and Athens
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers

Supermoto Italian Trophy

Raccogliere fondi per poter affrontare al meglio il Campionato SIT (Supermoto Italian Trophy) 2022
Campionato di Supermotard
by Pescia83, Arzo
1% funded
CHF 30 pledged
1 backer
Music, Community, and Sport


CIAO! Se ti piace la musica, la mobilità lenta e fare party
La BOOMBOOMBIKE fa il caso tuo!
siamo una piccola associazione di Carona-TI (quelli della colazione in piazza, dei party alla cava ecc...).
by Giotto, Lugano
100% funded
CHF 11’050 pledged
95 backers
Music, Community, and Sport

Music Ride 4 Hope

MR4H ist eine Schweizer Radrundfahrt über 1’700 km mit 20 Etappen; dabei engagieren sich Menschen aus der Musik- und Sportwelt gemeinsam über 3 Wochen für die Arbeit der Stiftung Greenhope.
by Tom Alemanno, Grono and Lugano
5% funded
CHF 510 pledged
12 backers
Community and Sport

Ketsui 2.0

La famiglia del Box di CrossFit Ketsui è cresciuta diventando una vera comunità di persone che vogliono fare sport divertendosi e abbiamo bisogno di uno spazio più grande per ospitare tutti noi e te!
by Ketsui, Sant'Antonino
137% funded
CHF 41’350 pledged
38 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport

StreetRacket @ Refugee Camps

Street Racket will be introduced to refugees living in camps around Belgrade. With Street Racket we can make an important contribution on daily healthy activities, social integration and occupation.
by Street Racket, Belgrade
19% funded
CHF 270 pledged
4 backers
Community, art, and Sport

Wandernd Kunst erleben

Arte Albigna – Ein wandernd erlebbares Kunstprojekt in der Albigna-Region, Bregaglia, zwischen 1200 und 2565 m ü. M.
by Céline Gaillard, Bregaglia
17% funded
CHF 1’740 pledged
18 backers
Food, Sport, and Tourism

Gesero Hut summer 2021

We want to invest in small works of embellishment and renovation in order to ensure a last and glorious season at the Gesero Hut located at 1774 meters above sea level.
by Andrea Gerna, Arbedo-Castione
105% funded
CHF 6’315 pledged
45 backers
Community and Sport

From the war to Olympia

We intend to write sports history and bring two Afghans to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea.
by Bamyan Ski Club, Pyeongchang-gun and Saint Moritz
102% funded
CHF 30’613 pledged
142 backers
Film and Sport

Le P'tit avait un rêve...

Court-métrage autobiographique de ma vie de 15-20 minutes, retraçant mon parcours d'un jeune footballeur ayant des rêves plein la tête et toutes les difficultées qui vont avec...
by Davide Rao, Riviera
115% funded
CHF 2’880 pledged
49 backers