Help us to make possible our CD production in which we revive the salterio sound in Antonio Vivaldi's music in early 18th century Venice!

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Antonio Vivaldi had direct contact with the salterio for many years, particularly when working in the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice, where he taught the virtuoso music-making girls. As most of this vivaldian repertoire for salterio is not identified by today, it is likely that an important part of it could correspond to transcriptions of compositions for other instruments, as we know it was the case for his organ or cembalo works. Therefore, we want to recreate «Vivaldi’s Salterio» by means of transcriptions and let this previously unknown facet of Vivaldi be heard anew!

Franziska Fleischanderl
Franziska Fleischanderl

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We have long known of Vivaldi’s close connection to the salterio, but no musical ensemble has yet attempted to feature the salterio most prominently in his music. Since original salterio concertos and sonatas are found in the Pietà’s later repertoire, it is obvious that these genres have special significance in this recording. The salterio is as agile as a violin while offering a wide variety of colors and atmospheres, which is very much in line with the sound experiments and contrasting characters of Vivaldi’s concertante writing. «Vivaldi’s Salterio» therefore presents a selection of transcriptions of violin concertos and sonatas recorded on the original salterio made by Michele Barbi in 1725. This CD is definitely not just «another» Vivaldi CD. It is a CD that sheds new light on Vivaldi and thinks this famous composer one step further!

Il Dolce Conforto
Il Dolce Conforto

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Every contribution is going to help us make this project possible, so thank you already for spreading the word, for checking out our crowdfunding site and I hope that you will enjoy the musical outcome of this project.

Our costs include: -Travel of the musicians to the recording venue -Recording venue rental -Fee recording engineer -Fee postproduction editing and mastering -Fees musicians for all the dedication, commitment, and mastery of their art. -Artists that are helping us develop and communicate the vision of a new sound for Antonio Vivaldi.

The salterio
The salterio