Crowdfunding for new albums «LOVE» & «LIFE»

After promoting my debut album «All About You» (2010) and playing countless concerts, I had intended to record my sophomore album in 2014. Everything seemed to be ready: the songs, a legendary Grammy-nominated producer and a killer band in a renowned studio in New York City. However, I suddenly felt that the time and my motives weren’t right, so I called the sessions off and even withdrew from the music business. I continued to write new songs, though, often in collabs with my old buddy and pianist Andreas Hausammann. After a hiatus of many years, this summer I unexpectedly had the chance to record not one, but two new albums with an international dream band! The first song from these sessions has just been released – «Love Sweet Love»:

Old Dreams Coming True

Out of the blue, I was blessed to record these songs with a hugely talented band consisting of friends and pro musicians at the fabulous Mazzive Sound Studios in Switzerland. Later, the band was joined by the legendary Chops Horns – old friends of mine from NYC, who have played for the likes of Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder or The Police – as well as the Odyssey String Orchestra from South Africa and fantastic vocalist Anja Lehmann – WONDERful!!

In my over 30 years as a singer and musician, I had never experienced such intense, and yet inspiring days before – full of joy, talent, musical excellence, fellowship and unity. It was unreal! Here is the complete line up:

— Andreas Hausammann – grand piano
— Lutz Krajenski – hammond organ
— Matthias Heimlicher – keys, vocals, recording, mixing
— Andi Allenbach – guitars, vocals
— Marc Ebermann – bass
— Matthias Meusel – drums, percussion
— Anja Lehmann – vocals
— Vlada – lead vocals

The Chops Horns (New York):
— David Watson – tenor & baritone sax
— Darryl Dixon – alto sax
— Freddie Hendrix – trumpet
— Dan Levine – trombone

Odyssey String Orchestra (Pretoria, South Africa)

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How You Can Support This Project

My hope is that these songs will give you encouragement, comfort and joy in these difficult times and that they will make you dance, sing, and smile! For these songs to be published, however, we need your support. The budget for the two productions is approx. USD 50,000, which will include the following:

— Studio fees
— Studio musicians
— Mixdown & mastering
— Printing of CDs and vinyl LPs
— Photoshoot
— Artwork & design
— Distribution

I will fund one half of the total cost out of my own pocket. I’d like to fund the other half with this crowdfunding campaign, with my friends and fans pre-ordering an album or by choosing another perk – are you in?

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supports this campaign!