Who we are:

The «Theaterwerkstatt» is made up of FGZ – Students from different grades and age groups, who all share a passion for theater. The «Theaterwerkstatt» is not just a drama club, but a family. There is the impertinent younger brother, the annoying little sister, as well as the know-it-all uncle. With such a big family the situation can easily get out of hand. That is why we are at all times supervised by our caring father, the stage director Alfred Bosshardt.

Our goal:

We want to perform «A Midsummer Night’s Dream» by William Shakespeare successfully and in a way worthy of Shakespeare’s memory. But what do we call a successful performance?

For us a production is successful when we manage to present the play so that you not just understand everything, but also enjoy yourself while watching the play.

To realise such successful performances, we have started rehearsing diligently already. Yet a lot more is needed than rehearsals, namely diligence and teamwork, as well as professional assistance. We obtain this professional assistance, from sound- and lighting assistants, likewise from scene- and costume designers.

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How you can help us:

Treat yourself!

Pick one of our exclusive gifts and let us reward you. In such a way you not only bring joy to yourself but also to us.


Since we fund ourselves, we rely on external support. Therefore we are always grateful for a small support.

Visit us in November!

You like the theater? Why don’t you just drop by, we look forward to every spectator.

A word to the wise: the play will be performed in German!

Where and when?

The performances of «A Midsummer Night’s Dream» will take place on the following dates at 19.30h in the Aula of the school.

    1. November 2015
    1. November 2015
    1. November 2015
    1. November 2015
    1. November 2015
    1. November 2015
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Spread The Word:

We have a last request for you. It would make us incredibly happy, if you could tell others about our project. We would be very thankful and it goes super fast:

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Thank you...

…for having taken your time to read this ! We hope that we could inspire you to help us. We look forward to sending you your reward or getting to know you personally this November, because you, our audience, are the ones that matter!

Kind regards from the «Theaterwerkstatt»-team 2015 :)

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