I am Benedek Horváth from Hungary. As my next Solo CD, I would like to record the Goldberg Variations from J.S.Bach in Zürich in February. Please help me to make this project happen!

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I have always been fascinated by variations. Things that have the same roots but are still a little different. How can I express a word, a sentence differently? How can I develop my expression in communication more versatile, more colorful? My communication is, after all, the language on the piano.

Awakening Mr. Goldberg's spirit

The story goes that Count Kaiserling was often ill and had sleepless nights. At such times, Goldberg, who lived in his house, had to spend the night in an antechamber, to play for him during his insomnia. Once the Count mentioned in Bach’s presence that he would like to have some clavier pieces for Goldberg, which should be of such a smooth and somewhat lively character that he might be a little cheered up by them in his sleepless nights. Bach wrote the piece for Goldberg and the Count always called them his (Goldbergs’) variations.

The piece was written almost 300 years ago but we are again in a time when we have maybe somewhat sleepless nights. But in this modern time, we have piano instead of a two-manual harpsichord that requires arranging and adjusting a few things in the piece. This is also one of the many challenges of the masterwork. These days we have not only music but also cinema. I am sure the Count would have loved to not only hear the music but see also some images if back then it would have been possible.

I have been working on this very essential piece from J.S.Bach for more than a year now and I also performed it a few times. Unfortunately for known reasons not as many times as I wanted. With the recording and the short films that I am planning to do alongside, I would like to revive Mr. Goldberg’s somewhat sleeping spirit and put comfort and joy in the ears and eyes of the modern people. Which I guess we could all make use of.

This is how I plan to make it

The recording is planned for February 2021 in the studio of ZKO in Zürich with the sound technician Marcel Babazadeh. Meanwhile, I am working on short films for each of the variations.